Nounou Neighbors: A Revolutionary Babysitting Service in Wichita


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“I’ve lived in Wichita for almost three years and still don’t have a ‘night out’ sitter.” 

I’ve said this so many times, it may as well be my catch phrase. Finding a trusted sitter is very hard. I’ve gotten recommendations from friends and searched for sitters on Facebook groups, only to end up being “ghosted” during the meet-up phase. I gave up trying to find a date night sitter in Wichita, and instead looked forward to traveling home to Wisconsin for one coveted date night with my husband every four months.

But now that has all changed. 

Nounou Neighbors is a “new new” babysitting service that expanded their business from Kansas City to Wichita. I was able to try this revolutionary service, and I wish I had known about it sooner.

Nounou is easy to navigate

I was able to create a login, choose my membership, and post a job in just under ten minutes. It was THAT EASY! As you can see by the screenshot to the right, it has a really clean interface. The website is clear and direct, providing useful information on hiring rates as well as testimonials with this service.   

Nounou takes the stress out of hiring a sitter

Gone are the days where you have to call or text lists of sitters and friends to beg them to watch your children. With this service, you add a job and the sitters come to you!

To add a job, all you need to share is the date and the range of time you would like the sitter to be at your house, the ages and genders of the children who will need care, and the amount of money you pay per hour.

Next, the job is posted to the website where interviewed, trained, and background checked sitters are able to review your posting. If they are interested in the job, you receive a text message linking you to their sitter profile on Nounou. I posted the job and checked my phone a half an hour later to see that six people were already interested! After perusing all the profiles, I chose my sitter and sent her a follow-up text letting her know she was chosen.

It was suggested that I should text the sitter the day of to confirm the job for the evening, but my sweet little sitter texted me first! It felt good knowing that a reliable and trustworthy sitter was coming to my house to watch my sweet little angels.  

Nounou gives you time to connect to your friends or partner

My sitter arrived before the service began so we were able to discuss bedtime routines and expectations. This was my first meeting with the sitter, but you can choose to have the sitter come to meet the children prior to having them babysit (make sure to compensate them for their time). I am a very anxious mom, but I felt comfortable with meeting the sitter the night of the service because I knew she was properly vetted by Nounou Neighbors, and I chose her after I carefully read her profile.  My daughter enjoyed her time with the babysitter, while my husband and I enjoyed having a child-free meal with adult conversations.  

Nounou is the service that Wichita needed

Nounou Neighbors is easy to use, eliminates the stress of finding quality sitters, and gives you time away from your children so you can connect with others. I feel so blessed to have been able to try this service and look forward to using it more in the future.  

About Nounou Neighbors

Nounou Neighbors is a babysitting connection website where they vet every sitter on their site with an interview, a local background check and training. The owner is a mom of younger children, so she knows what we’re looking for! Their main focus is for date nights or a night out. They do not have part time or full time nannies. The majority of their sitters are highly qualified WSU students. This is how the system works. A family signs up for a membership of either $55 for the first month (this includes registration fees and first month of service) and $15/month every month after that, or $180 for the year and that’s $15/month with no registration fee. The family will then post a job on their website portal including the details of their job (date, times, how many kids, genders, ages, closest public high school, rate they are paying and any notes). That job then goes out to all of their vetted sitters instantly. Then the sitters interested will opt into the job posting. The family will get a text message with a link to each interested sitter’s picture, profile write up and phone number. The family will choose the best fit sitter for them from the opt ins list. Then the family will directly text message the sitter they have chosen and make sure they are in fact available and confirm the details of the job. The sitter will come to babysit and the family pays the sitter directly just like any other babysitter.

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Jillian Henry
Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jillian has called many states home since she left the beer and cheese state five years ago. Currently, she resides in Derby with her husband, one-year-old daughter, and four-year-old “Boshih” (Boston Terrier Shih-Tzu mix). Jillian has a bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Psychology, but her favorite role is taking care of her daughter as a stay-at-home mom. When Jillian is not moving across the continental United States, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, singing the Moana soundtrack in its entirety, exploring nature, catching up with friends, and eating any gluten-free dessert she can get her hands on. Jillian is looking forward to learning more about Wichita while experiencing life on the plains.


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