She Means Business: May 2019 Honorees

With a mission to support local moms and community, Wichita Moms Blog is proudly featuring Wichita women who deserve recognition for their inspiring work at home, in the office, or in the community through our She Means Business Series, brought to you in partnership with Martin Pringle Attorneys at Law.

We hope you join us in getting to know some of Wichita’s women who mean business. And stay tuned for next month when we announce and celebrate more local ladies!

Lacey Cruse

Tell us about your family: I have two daughters. Bayleigh is a Junior at East High. Bay is a visual artist who specializes in Anime and Cartoon Art. She is also a thespian who prefers to be behind the scenes. Bayleigh is currently “props master” for the city wide production of Hair Spray. Nova is a 4th grader at Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet. She aspires to be in the Air Force and loves to read spy books.

How are you involved in the ICT community? For the past 13 years, I’ve performed in just about every live venue as a part of the music community. My daughters and I don’t miss a Final Friday and frequently attend Music Theater of Wichita Performances. Up until just recently, I was the President of the Sherwood Glen Neighborhood Association.
Inspired by my work with the Women’s March, I ran for Sedgwick County Commission and won a seat at the table. As a sitting commissioner, I am excited for an opportunity to continue building upon the work that’s already being done in the community, including the Mercadito of the Northend and Nomar Market and the Dunbar Theater in the Northeast.

What is your Favorite Podcast: Renew You by Quin Heavrin

What is your morning routine: 6am Alarm. 6am Snooze. Repeat until 6:30. Arise. Let the dog out. Yell at the teen from the top of the stairs to wake up. Make coffee. Take Shower. Find clean clothes. Yell at 4th grader to really brush her teeth this time. Pour Coffee. Drive 2 kids to 2 different schools. Drive to first appointment/office.

What is your favorite local lunch spot? The Anchor – the Reuben with Russian mustard is the bomb.

Marquetta Atkins

How are you involved in the ICT community? I am the founder of Camp Destination Innovation a camp that exposes youth to careers outside of traditional norms, with a focus on entrepreneurship and STEM. I am also the founder of WeKan! Women entrepreneurs of Kansas. Through my job, I program director over the group Progeny, youth who have been touched by the juvenile justice system, teaching them leadership and advocacy to have a voice on how the system impacts them, also assist with Civic Engagement with the youth group Root the Power. I am on the Juneteenth Commitee, Evergreen Committee, Innovation Committee at WSU , sat on the Entrepreneurial task force. I love my city, I want to be invested in its growth in any way that I can.

What is your favorite thing about Wichita? I have this saying that I call the power of “WE”chita. Wichita is so much better when we come together in collaboration, breaking silos and having the difficult conversations and action that propels us forward. Through Camp DI, WeKan! The city our leaders and our communities go above and beyond to pitch in and that makes me so proud. 

What is your favorite book?I am a book-a-holic. Unexpected Stories by Octavia Butler.

What is your favorite local lunch spot? Big fan of Rachel’s Kitchen and Lotus Leaf Cafe

Best tip for work/life balance: Balance… the elusive unicorn. A wise woman told me you have to schedule time for your family, self-care just like you schedule meetings. They are just as important.

What are three words to describe you? Bodacious, Vivacious, and Loquacious. Kidding. Driven, humble and kind. (really)

What is your dream job? I’m living the dream. Getting the funding so I can live it fully would be wonderful.

Terry Mann

Where do you work? I am a partner at Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace & Bauer, LLP. I was the first woman to ever be a partner at Martin, Pringle. 

How are you involved in the ICT community? I participate in some of my firm’s community activities, such as preparing meals for the Salvation Army. I am involved in lawyer-related activities, such as the Board of Discipline for Attorneys, and the Wichita Bar Association Education efforts.

What do you like to do for fun? Follow Wichita State men’s basketball.

What is your favorite book? I’m still looking for it.  I read every day, and like biographies and history. Some selections I’ve really liked include Robert Caro’s Master of the Senate and Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken.

Best tip for work/life balance? Try to maintain perspective.  There is nothing at work that justifies ignoring your family, and when you are on your deathbed, you won’t be wishing you’d spent more time at the office.

Fun fact about you? I am a firm believer in the Oxford comma and two spaces after a period. Those who disagree are Philistines. 

Meaghan Koci

Tell us a little about your family: I have two feisty elementary-aged kids, one smily foster baby, three sweet surrogate kids, two grumpy cats and one wonderful husband.

What are you most proud of? My biggest accomplishment to-date is ALL my kids, including my biological kids, birthing three kids for my best friend via gestational carrier surrogacy and our 41 (so far!) foster kids.

What is your favorite thing about Wichita? I love that Wichita is a big small town. It’s easy to connect with everyone I meet because we always have a mutual friend. Having lived in Los Angeles for several years, I also enjoy our “rush hour traffic.”

Tell us your guilty pleasure: Daytime margaritas

What is your favorite local lunch spot/restaurant? Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, particularly on Wednesdays – the chicken curry soup is the best thing around.

Fun fact about you? I’ve been to the Oscars several times and, while on the red carpet, I sneezed on Matt Damon.

Jennifer White

Tell us about your family: I have two daughters, one fat black lab, one chinchilla and a husband

How are you involved in the Wichita community? I run a local nonprofit, ICT SOS, volunteer at church, and am a huge fan of all things Wichita!

What are you most proud of? My daughters first and secondly the work of ICT SOS. I’m also currently completing my Bachelor’s degree at 41 and I’m pretty dang proud of that.

What do you like to do for funDoes eating tacos count?

What is your favorite thing about Wichita? The people. This city is filled with the most talented, generous and friendly people.

What is your morning routine? Alarm goes off at 4, I start my day at Title Boxing for the 5 or 6 am class, and sometimes both. Home to shower, chug down coffee and a protein bar then off to the office/meetings or whichever school we’re presenting in for the day.

Best tip for work/life balance: I don’t know if I’m balanced but punching things every day definitely helps!

Fun fact about you? I am terrified of clowns and HATE grape jelly.

Nomination: Jennifer started a charity that helps combat human trafficking in our area, spreads awareness, helps victims gets back on their feet and helps the Childrens Advocacy Center. A pioneer for children, women, and people of this town.

Samantha Woods

Where do you work? I am a practicing attorney and partner at Martin Pringle. My cases are mostly business litigation, including bankruptcy, and medical malpractice defense.

How are you involved in the ICT community? I am a member of the Junior League of Wichita and Wichita Bar Association. I am also the President Elect of the Wichita Women Attorneys’ Association. 

Tell us a little about your family: My husband, Shawn, and I have been married for five years. He is a math teacher at Andover High School and coaches football and basketball. We welcomed our first child, Sullivan, in January. We are adjusting to being new parents but are enjoying it immensely!

What is your favorite book? Honestly, I can’t pick a favorite. I like to read different books at different times of year. For example, I always read Little Women at Christmastime. But I also read lots of freebie fiction on my Kindle and will happily read a vampire novel any day!

What is your favorite thing about Wichita? I love how welcoming this community has been to me as an outsider.  I’m also a total foodie, and I love exploring Wichita’s diverse food scene.

Tell us your favorite guilty pleasure: Didn’t I already mention vampire novels?

What is your morning routine? That’s a great question! We are still trying to workout a “routine” that keeps the new baby fed and happy and gets mom out of the house fully dressed with makeup. Hopefully we get that figured out before I’m back to work full time!

Fun fact about you? The only two foods that I really don’t like are mangos and marshmallows!

Hannah Scott

Tell us a little about your family: I have a hardworking husband named Tanner, who is a Superintendent for Dondlinger Construction and spunky 21 month old son named Lane.

How are you involved in the ICT community? I am part of the 2019 Emerging Leaders Group, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Angel Tree and Pathway Church.

What are you most proud of? Cultivating a home full of love and kindness, and raising a kind hearted tiny human. Neither marriage or parenting are easy and I am proud of the work my husband and I are putting in to grow a healthy marriage and environment for our family.

Tell us your guilty pleasure: The Bachelor/Bachelor in the tub with tub snacks

What is your morning routine? Up at 5am, kiss my husband goodbye as he heads to work, quiet time with a devotional until Lane wakes up. Get myself and him ready, out the door by 7am, drop him off at daycare and to the office by 7:45am.

Best tip for work/life balance? Leave work on time. It will always be there for you tomorrow and your kiddos at their current age will not.

Fun fact about you? I spent a year in Kenya, showered out of a bucket, peed in a hole in the ground and saw a snake swallow a goat.

Nomination: After putting herself through college at Hesston and WSU, Hannah crushed it at Brother’s and Company marketing. Before her 30th birthday, she’s Director of Culture and Talent at BCS, Building Control Systems in Wichita. She’s a rockstar mom to a toddler and co-founder of Gregory Lane, a furniture/design company.

Raeann Rose

Tell us a little about your family: I’ve been married to my husband, Steven, for 21 years. We have a cat, Daxter.

What are you most proud of? That I have been in child welfare for 22 years and still feel passionate about it! I frequently hear from individuals I have worked with in the past and they know that I’m willing to help even if they are not actively working with me.

What is your favorite thing about Wichita? I love that in recent years Wichita has started to show a lot more pride in our city. We have lots of local businesses that are thriving, we are reinventing our downtown area, you see the Wichita flag everywhere.

Tell us your guilty pleasure: Chocolate and sunshine. Give me those two things and I’m very happy!

What’s your favorite local lunch spot? It’s hard to pick just one place. I have lunch at my desk most days, but on the weekend we enjoy The Wine Dive, Bella Luna, and Dempsey’s Burger Pub.

Best tip for work/life balance: It’s incredibly difficult to leave my work at the door. I find one of the best ways to disconnect is to leave my work cell phone at the over the weekend. That way I’m not tempted to check voicemails, emails, and text messages when I’m off the clock.

What is your dream job? I’ve always loved drawing house plans and interior design. I think it would be amazing to be a real estate agent and show houses all day in a tropical location. I watch Caribbean Life, Hawaii Life and Beach Hunters on HGTV and think that would be a great way to spend my work day.

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  1. Congratulations to all of the honorees!
    I commend them because as a single mother of two daughters ages 24 and 26, I know how challenging it is to raise children while attending various meetings and helping community members on personal levels. Especially, while traveling back and forth to Topeka from Wichita to fulfill my duties as an elected official.

    Blessings & Best Wishes,
    State Senator Oletha Faust Goudeau

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