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WMB contributors have been given an opportunity to share some of our favorite non-profit organizations. There are so many wonderful non-profits in Wichita, but here is one that has personally served me.

*Trigger Warning* Bereavement Photos

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS)


To introduce remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraits.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep recruits, trains, and mobilizes professional quality photographers around the world. Through NILMDTS, medical personnel are given a meaningful option to offer bereaved parents by creating remembrance portraits for their babies.

Here in Wichita we have a dedicated group of photographers, with special training, giving a gift one hopes to never receive but will cherish forever.

My Story


In 2008 at 18 weeks pregnant my water broke, and I delivered my still born son in the middle of the night. Here is one of the 19 images I have of Lincoln. Now 10 years later I frequently wish I had better photos, his visual memory is fading.


In 2010 at 23 weeks my water broke, and I delivered our daughter who took her last breath on my chest. That day a NILMDTS photographer was at the hospital, MY on-call angel. I was so sad and in shock; I didn’t know what I needed. But now 10 years later I realize the gravity of this gift. 


Her Story


In 2016 my adoptive daughter’s first mom suffered a devastating 34 week loss of her son Omega in Omaha, NE. Within the grief there was an on-call Angel, NILMDTS was there. Thank you to that photographer for donating her skills and time. This photo is being shared with permission.

I think I can speak for many women of our community who want to say Thank You to her On-Call Angel and for the gift of bereavement photos. For volunteering their time, skills and resources, often leaving their own families at home, to serve women and families experiencing pregnancy loss. We will forever cherish the gift.

Thank You Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Wichita! (you know who you are) Thank you for all the years of serving women.

For information on how to volunteer as a NILMDTS photographer, click here

For information on the next Wichita recruitment meeting, click here.

If you are a family in need of a NILMDTS photographer, click here.

If you were served by these Wichita women share this story, show them your appreciation! 


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Megan has lived in Wichita since 1999, graduated in 2003 as an RN, and received her MSN in Nursing Education in 2016. Megan loves teaching and works in healthcare as Director of Simulation at Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a survivor of childhood cancer that led to some complicated reproductive issues, including the loss of their son Lincoln (18wks, 2008) and daughter Basil (23wks 2010). With a best friend to spend a life-time with and a vision of a family David and Megan embarked on three amazing adoption journeys. With active kids (London 2012, Locklyn 2013 & Ronnie 2015) and busy careers, life is anything but slow-paced.