3 Ways Working Moms Can Invest in Themselves in 2021 (with Wichita’s Newest Leadership Collective: The Thread)


I think we can all agree that we’re not sad to see 2020 go. Although challenges may still be in front of us, 2021 is a new year and with it brings about all the feelings of fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s an ideal time to think about how we want to feel at the end of the next 12 months, set some goals and get to work on making progress.

If you’re a boss mama with a career or business of your own, 2020 may have hit you particularly hard. Between juggling your little ones, trying to keep up with work demands for businesses that don’t stop and making sure your children don’t burn the house down (or is this just me?), you may very well be completely overwhelmed. So I just want to say that I feel you, friend. Now if you’re the solo parent you may be feeling this times 10. Sending you a virtual hug (and an extra full glass of Pinot Noir). 

One tactic that pulls me out of a tough season is this: trying to envision what I desire for myself next, then taking steps, even baby ones, to get myself closer and closer to that vision every day. 

So in honor of a new year, here are three ways that you can invest in yourself and your goals in the midst of the mayhem:

Get a coach. 

This could look so many different ways, depending on what your personal and professional goals are. It could look like a therapist, a life coach, a business coach. It could look like joining a mastermind or a small group bible study at church. It could even mean grabbing a personal development book and starting a weekly book club discussion with your bestie. The coolest thing about this one? You can find any of these options locally in Wichita and at the same time, you’re not confined to what’s available in the 316 (although there are so many good options here that I would urge you to consider at least one). The point is this – get yourself some help and don’t let that be a four letter word.

Find another #bossbabe to hold you to your goals. 

This may (or may not) be different than the girlfriends you call when you need a ladies night out. What I’m suggesting is that you develop a relationship with a like-minded lady that is focused on helping each other succeed. This person could be a colleague in your industry, it could be someone with your job title working in a different industry or even a mentor. When you do find them, get a monthly breakfast on the books. My accountability partner calls these meetings “rhythm meetings”. Be prepared to show up ready to discuss your goals. Tell each other what baby step you’ll be working towards in the coming weeks until you meet again and report back on your progress at each meeting. Offer insight and connections as needed, with a healthy dose of encouragement. 

Do both, with The Thread

The Thread is a women’s leadership collective that is launching in Wichita this spring. The group will be limited to 30 professional women who are in leadership roles within their organizations. Over the course of eight months this group of women will receive coaching from different high level (mostly) female professionals within the Wichita community. The members of the cohort will have each other to stay accountable to the goals that they set for themselves. If you’re ready to fight overwhelm full-force, consider asking your organization to make this investment in you. Or if you’re a business owner, check out your budget and see where you can make space for your own leadership development. Applications for the pilot cohort are open through January.  

A unique scholarship opportunity for one amazing Wichita mom!

We’re excited to give a special shout out to the single mamas out there: Together with Wichita couple David & Nancy Dinell, The Thread invites single, working mothers in leadership to apply for the Elnora M. Hale Scholarship. This scholarship has been gifted in memory of Elnora M. Hale: single mother, career woman and beloved grandmother who rose to the ranks of a modern-day CFO role within a male dominated industry, all while raising four children on her own. Their generosity will provide a full cohort membership to the selected participant. For more details, you can visit thethreadwlc.com

Regardless of what you’re running after this year, whether it be a pay raise, a new title, a more developed skill set, launching your first business or being a more patient mama, I want to encourage you to SHOW UP.

2020 may have had you down, but sister, you are not out. And you have a whole city of women cheering you on. 

Audra Dinell has spent the last eight years working in marketing and events in the Colorado and Hawaii markets.

Recently moving home to Wichita, she is the founder of The Thread. She and her husband, Cory are excited to raise their wild little boys, Remi (4) and Merritt (1), in the heartland.