Wichita Moms’ Favorite Things $10 and Under


We just wrapped up our team’s third annual Favorite Things Holiday Party, and it is easily one of our most anticipated nights of the year!

If you have never been to a Favorite Things Party – it’s pretty simple and so much fun.

  1. Every attendee brings three identical items, unwrapped. 
  2. Our requirement is the item has to be $10 or under (so each attendee only spends $30 total). And it has to be something you LOVED over the course of the last year, a true favorite thing. *Caveat – many of our team bought their items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so prices may be more than $10 when searching.
  3. Everyone draws a number (1, 2, or 3) and the ones get to pick gifts first, then twos, then threes. Then threes go first, and so on until everyone picks at the gift table three times. 
  4. Everyone goes home with three favorite things!

After receiving messages and suggestions in years’ past, we decided to round up all the favorite things from this year’s party because they would all make EXCELLENT small gifts for teachers or friends – and only $10 each. 

We have provided links below for your convenience and some are affiliate links:


Grove Collaborative Make-up Remover Towel. All make-up disappears with water only. It
leaves your skin feeling amazing and ready for moisturizer.

Delight Naturals Chapstick. It is all natural chapstick and is amazing.


Meebak Cica Face Cream Moisturizer. This is my absolute favorite discovery of the year and has been a game changer for my skin. I first heard about this age-repair cream on The Buy Guide (one of my favorite Instagram follows), and I use it both day and night. I’ve noticed a true difference in my skin, and most Korean beauty products are $100+ – this is less than $20 (and I got it on sale via amazon). 


Batiste Dry Shampoo. Favorite brand of dry shampoo I’ve tried. I use it daily. The trick is to put it on before your hair gets dirty so it absorbs the oil as you go. *Works great for dark hair too!

Courtney K. 

Morphe Beauty Sponge. I love it because it’s the best blending sponge out there even compared to
the high end ones. Squeeze it a bunch of times under water and then one big squeeze before using. Dab it all over your skin to blend foundation!

Courtney P. 

Foot file. This Colossal Foot File will give you the softest feet you’ve ever had without getting a pedicure. So gross but so good. (Ha! the things we do for beauty).


The tile. It’s a lifesaver. You can use it on your keys (like I do) then you can use your keys to find your
phone or your phone to find your keys. We’ve also heard of people zip tying them to strollers or kids’ shoes! *It’s also one of Oprah’s favorite things!

Jenna A. 

Cozy Socks Set. Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks and an eye mask? Pampering at its best!

Jenna M. 

Perfectly Posh Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream. I love how it isn’t greasy and keeps my hands so soft and moisturized!


The Cheese Knife. Their catchphrase is, “keep the cheese on the plate, not the knife.” However, I use it to effortlessly cut into a block of cheese! This Wisconsinite will never cut the cheese any other way!


Water bottle cleaners. No more scrubbing required for hard to clean water bottles. This gets the job done on glass, plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic!


Zeep Bath Body Scrub. Body Butter Sugar Scrub, they have wonderful smells and are a great
scrub/moisturizer combo. *And they are local!


Trader Joe’s.  *Meaghan loves everything TJ’s, period. The TJs dark chocolate bar, because its tasty and also healthy and seasonal candles because they smell good and are fun. I also love that the scents change every few months.


Dual Wall Stainless Steel Mug. This truly is my favorite thing! I take it to work and drink from it all day everyday. Keeps drinks cold and/or hot all day long. 


Teleties. These are my favorite hair ties because they don’t leave creases in my hair, don’t give me headaches, are easy to take out without ripping out my hair, and go back to their original size with the aid of heat/hot water once they’ve stretched out a little.


Treat Lip Balms. I LOVE how silky and soft they are. They’re organic and cruelty free!! The flavors and scents are all so yummy.


Mascara Primer. This lash primer helps ensure my mascara doesn’t flake and makes my lashes look longer. And *bonus* this mascara is great for $5 and makes my lashes look so long and full.


Mini Goal Planner. It helps me stay organized and focused on my goals/projects!

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