6 Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday with Kids in Wichita

KNOCK, KNOCK!  Who’s there?  

In April of 1564, the greatest playwright of all time was born.  His stories, phrases, and words are still used today, whether or not we realized we are doing it.  Fancy celebrating the life and works of the Bard?

1. Visit our local Shakespeare mural!  

Artist Jordan Tarrant created the mural in 2011 at 762 E. 1st St. N. near Santa Fe Avenue in his signature style. The portrait of William Shakespeare is composed of 99 words and phrases that were coined originally by Shakespeare.  

2. Check out the Wichita Shakespeare Company’s schedule and mark your calendar for a fun park production. 

3. Head to Botanica and enjoy a picnic in the Shakespeare Garden.

Many of the featured plants are mentioned in Shakespeare’s works or were popular in the genteel gardens of his lifetime. As in Hamlet, for example, Ophelia says, “There’s fennel for you, and columbines.” The Shakespeare Garden is bursting with blossoms referenced in his writing. Combined with the teak benches and Hawthorn Trees, this area creates a respite for all who visit Botanica.

Shakespeare Garden at Botanica Wichita | photo courtesy Botanica Wichita

4. Take a class on Shakespeare! 

Local Wichita drama teacher, John Stafford, teaches a class for 5-9 year olds as an introduction to Shakespeare for Learners on Outschool.com.  He makes Shakespeare engaging and relevant for today’s kids. Bonus?  The class is only $9!

5. Read a Shakespeare Adaptation (Or the Original!)

Shakespeare for Young Readers by Edith Nesbit is excellent for all ages as it condenses the stories into a few pages in modern English.  

For older kids and adults that want to tackle the originals, No Fear Shakespeare from Sparknotes has modern English on one side and Elizabethan on the other.

6. Watch a Revamped Shakespeare movie!

These movies have Shakespeare story roots with modern twists. His plots are so timeless that they still form the base of many popular flicks. 

Jenny Farha
Jenny is an Oklahoma City native who has now lived in Wichita for over half her life. She met her husband when they were 12 and 13 at church camp and became college sweethearts. They live in Crown Heights and have 3 rascals… Georgia(11), Olivia(7), and James(3). Jenny loves her job in USD 259 as a Gifted Education Teacher. She has a heart for beautiful things, children’s literature, and anything creative. You might find her on a typical Friday at any of the amazing spots along Douglas Avenue pretending everybody knows her name.


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