How to Make, Hide, and Find Kindness Rocks with Kids in Wichita

Kindness Rocks

Looking for a FUN and FREE adventure for your kiddos that’s close to home? Painting, hiding, and finding rocks has become quite the craze as of late, and here is everything you need to know about Kindness Rocks in the ICT area.

“What are Kindness Rocks?”

Definition – painted rocks to hide and seek within a community, creating “treasures”

Purpose – to inspire creativity and spread kindness to unsuspecting recipients 

“Who can take part in this activity?” 

EVERYONE. This is a fun activity for people & kids of all ages. 

“Are there any guidelines?”

Yes…just a few, but all are VERY important! 

1. Stay on public property. No trespassing. 
2. Do not hide rocks where they can cause damage. (in grass or pools, on streets, tall ledges, etc) 
3. Ask permission before hiding/searching in or around any business. 
4. Keep the art family friendly.

“How do I get started? Any tips & tricks?” 

1. Gather some “boring” rocks. 

  • Search for rocks on your own property to use.
  • Purchase rocks at a home improvement store (Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc).
  • Visit a nearby landscaping supply company. A few local landscaping stores here in ICT have joined in the kindness of rock treasures, and have made exceptions to their “price by ton” rule – just call ahead to ask!

2. Grab some paint, get creative, & have fun painting!

  • Wash your rock with soap, rinse, and let dry. This will help the paint stick. 
  • Acrylic paint works best.
  • Camouflaging colors make it more difficult to find, and is great for older kids.
  • Bright colors make them easier to spot, which is perfect for those younger tots. 
  • Once finished, coat with a sealant to make the paint last longer outdoors.

3. Add a message if you wish.  

  • If you want your recipients to understand the purpose of the rock they found, feel free to add a little message, or simply leave hashtags. 
  • Some print longer messages on paper and use modge podge to attach it to the rock. 

“Where do we hide our rocks and search for others?” 

Popular locations (in any community) include:
public parks, playgrounds, libraries, sidewalks, walking trails, and downtown.

“Can I see where my rock travels?”

The hope is for everyone to share their finds on social media. Most communities have now created private Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags to make this easier.

  • Some popular Facebook groups (and Instagram hashtags) in the ICT include: #ICTAreaRocks, #AndoverRocks, #DerbyRocks, #CTownRocks (Clearwater), #060rocks (Haysville), #RockinVC (Valley Center), and even our entire sunflower state can be found at #KansasRocks!
  • Other popular hashtags include: #316rocks, #kindnessrocks, #rockpaintings
  • You can even start your own, for example #WMBrocks…because, why not?! 

“Any other fun ideas involving Kindness Rocks?” 


I’m glad you asked! Here are a few more ideas to extend the fun with this activity:

  • Get the whole family and go for a walk at a nearby park to hide your rocks, and search for others. 
  • Host a Rock Painting Party with your friends. 
  • Take part in a Painted Rock Challenge, where each day of the week/month is a different theme. 
  • Follow local “Rock” groups on Facebook and Instagram to see where your rocks travel. 
  • Decorate a group of themed rocks. For example: the Angry Bird characters, favorite zoo animals, or fruits.
  • If toddlers lose interest quickly and your older kids want to keep painting, just give them a cup of water with paint brushes and let them go to town painting rocks and the sidewalk to keep them busy (and mess free!). 

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Erin Hughes
Born & raised on a cattle farm just west of Salina, Erin has grown to love the city life that Wichita has to offer. She & her husband, Nathan, are raising their family on the east side: Blakely (Dec 2013), Rowen (Apr 2015), & Lincoln (Jun 2017). Erin formerly taught elementary for 6 years. When the chaos of 2 under 2 happened so quickly (oops!), she decided to leave teaching for now, and work-from-home as the premier photographer of Erin Kata Photography. When the calendar allows breaks from the multitude of children's activities, photo sessions, editing & teaching workshops, you will more than likely find Erin & the fam somewhere outdoors: dancing in the rain, playing in sunshine, and even tromping through the snow!


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