7 Reasons to Give the Gift of a Sedgwick County Zoo Membership


Gift giving is such a fun way to show our loved ones we care, and what better way to do that than give the gift of experience for a family! One present to consider that goes beyond the ordinary is a membership to the Sedgwick County Zoo. More than just a ticket to see our zoo’s wildlife, a zoo membership offers a year-round passport to adventure, education, and family fun. 

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Benefits of a Sedgwick County Zoo Membership

Year-Round, Unlimited Access to the Zoo

One of the standout perks of a Sedgwick County Zoo membership is unlimited access to the zoo throughout the entire year. Forget about one-time visits and rushed tours – members can leisurely explore the diverse habitats, or for families with little ones, a membership makes it feel like you can go for shorter periods of time as needed, without skimping on value. 

Go Wild Attraction Pass

Holders of a Sedgwick County Zoo membership are granted the Go Wild Attraction Pass, unlocking access to special attractions and experiences within the zoo. This exclusive pass provides members a richer and more immersive zoo experience during each visit.

Early Entry to the Zoo at 8 AM Daily

This is a great perk for moms of little ones! For the early birds and those seeking a quieter, more intimate zoo experience, membership grants the privilege of early entry at 8 AM daily. 

Discounts on Birthday Parties, Education Classes, and Select Events

Planning a birthday party or eager to expand your knowledge through education classes? A Sedgwick County Zoo membership ensures that these experiences come with a delightful discount. Celebrate milestones, learn something new, and enjoy select events at a more budget-friendly rate, courtesy of your membership.

Exclusive Invitations to Members-Only Sneak Previews

With a Sedgwick County Zoo membership, you receive exclusive invitations to members-only sneak previews and grand openings. It’s a VIP experience that adds an extra layer of excitement to your zoo adventures.

Discounts at Other Zoos

The perks extend beyond Sedgwick County. Your membership opens doors to over 150 other zoos and aquariums that are part of reciprocal zoo programs, allowing members to enjoy discounted or free admission to partner zoos across the country.

Support Conservation Efforts

By gifting a Sedgwick County Zoo membership, you’re not just providing entertainment; you’re contributing to global conservation efforts. Zoos play a crucial role in wildlife preservation, breeding endangered species, and supporting research initiatives. The funds generated from memberships directly contribute to these vital conservation projects, making each member a valuable partner in the fight against species extinction. It’s a gift that extends far beyond the recipient, positively impacting the planet and future generations.

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