The Best Gluten Free Pizza in Wichita



If you’re on the hunt for the best gluten free pizza in Wichita, look no further! Families are gluten-free for a variety of reasons these days. Some have members with a severe gluten intolerance (their bodies are damaged by the gluten protein found in barley, wheat and rye); others have a wheat allergy (different but equally inconvenient and uncomfortable) and are thankful for the easy work-around that gluten-free foods offer! Finding your favorite foods when dining out with friends and family can be frustrating – sometimes even isolating. 


Il Vicino

2132 N. Rock Rd.
4817 E. Douglas Ave.

Il Vicino has one restaurant in College Hill and another in Bradley Fair. Any of their pizzas can be ordered on gluten-free crust for $2 extra.

WMB Faves: the Bianca or the Rustica


Picasso’s Pizzeria

621 W. Douglas Ave.

Picasso’s Pizzeria in Delano is famous for their pizza-by-the-slice. You can order any of their offerings as a gluten free pie, but you will have to purchase an entire pizza.

WMB Faves: the Kitchen Sink or the Picasso


Wichita Brewing Company

8815 W. 13th Street North
535 N. Woodlawn Street

Wichita Brewing Company now has locations on the east and west sides! Any of their bold and innovative pizzas can be made on gluten-free crust for $2 extra.

WMB Faves: the Mutha McCluk’r or the Banick



8115 E. 21st Street North

YaYa’s in Bradley Fair offers a tasty selection of gluten free pizzas and pastas (bonus!). Choose from their regular menu but be sure to specify “gluten free”.

WMB Picks: the Black & Blue or the Mushroom & Proscuitto



3700 E. Douglas Ave.

Centrally located in the Clifton Square shopping “village” in College Hill, Ziggy’s Pizza is another fab spot for gluten-free pizza. You can build your own or order off the menu!

WMB Faves: the Kickin’ Chicken or the Sanibel Islander


Chuck E. Cheese

3223 N. Rock Rd.

On the east side of Wichita, Chuck E. Cheese is 100% for the kids! Games, rides, a play place and PIZZA. Their gluten free pizza comes pre-packaged to ensure no cross-contamination.

What are some of YOUR favorite places for gluten free pizza in Wichita?