‘Artist on the Go’ Activity Packs & Online Drawing Lessons for Wichita Kids


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Sometimes it’s the little things that get you through the day. As any parent at home with children who are missing their friends, their school, their teachers, and their daily structure will tell you, getting through THESE days of social-distancing take so much more. I have flat run out of ideas and energy. Thankfully, a favorite local business came to the rescue!

Guided Art Lessons for Kids

This week, my family started doing the “Artist on the Go” activity packs and the “Draw With Us” online guided drawing lessons from The Art Park. It was such a relief and a JOY to see The Art Park’s uniquely-styled projects and hear a warm, familiar voice. Not much feels “normal” right now but we all laughed and smiled when we heard Ms. Pepper’s voice – a teacher my kids have known since preschool.  She has a way of making any project fun.  It is obvious from her cat jumping in the video to drink the dirty paint water to the interruptions by her own kids that SHE GETS IT.  She knows where we all are right now and wants to bring a little cheer and art to these difficult days at home.

Independent Learning “Without Failure”

Online learning has been a big change and a struggle for my kids, but this felt so familiar and they enthusiastically jumped right in.  The lessons were thoughtful and well-planned – my kids had everything they needed for the projects and loved creating something they could feel good about.  Both of my boys are in elementary school and honestly needed only a little help from me to complete the projects. My younger son has done three of the “Artist On the Go” projects and my older son has completed four online drawings with Ms. Pepper and Mr. B.  I love the way art is taught at The Art Park – it truly is “learning with out failure”.  There is no right or wrong; it is about having fun and being creative and both my boys really enjoy the lessons. 

The “Win” of Creativity

For me, it was comforting to give my boys a fun and easy “win”.  Academics are challenging in this environment and they are both working incredibly hard to stay up on all their schoolwork.  Art is something they both enjoy and something they always feel good about doing with The Art Park.  I am immensely thankful that The Art Park has provided a way for me to allow them to operate within this strength and feel successful at something while working from home.  I truly believe that when kids get to use their creativity & strengths and feel good about the things they produce, it gives them confidence that translates in to perseverance in the subjects they find more difficult. 

I observed this directly a few days ago with my oldest son.  He was frustrated working on a math assignment so I told him to take a break, get his headphones, and do a guided drawing online.  He took my advice and I was honestly surprised how quickly it helped him calm down and re-focus.  Not only did he draw a fantastic dragonfly, but he later jumped on and wrapped up the math assignment with no complaints.  Maybe art really does have magical powers.  I know it is definitely one of the “little things” that will get my boys (and me!) through this time and something they will go back to time and again to feel content and connected.

by: Sarah Collins, Mother of Austin and Alex

Monart School of Art At Home Options

Artist on the Go Activity Packs
are themed educational projects to do at home. Each pack is $40 and contains four lessons and materials for ages 2-10 years old. Each contains a collage or craft project as well as fun worksheets and a simple guided drawing to complete with so many themes to choose from!

Draw With Us Online Guided Drawing Lessons are created each day by business owners, Kate Pepper and Charles Baughman. Each lesson leads students through a drawing using the patented, guided Monart Drawing method. Great for ages 4-10 and teens & adults. Subscribers receive 50-60 NEW drawing lessons each month for only $50! 

Science Exploration Packs include all the materials you need to do STEAM experiments and challenges at home. Each science pack is $50 and contains four lessons and materials. Fun themes such as Geo Kids, Harry Potter Science and Fossil Hunters will keep your children engaged screen free for hours! If your child likes experiments, learning about earth sciences, the history of our world, building with their hands or learning how to use common household items to create experiments they will love these unique take home activity packs.

For details or to make a purchase please visit: TheArtParkWichita.com/classes 
Contact: [email protected] 316-683-2500


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