Wichita Riverfest with Kids: 5 Reasons to Participate in the ICT Porch Parade


Riverfest is Wichita’s community celebration and the largest event of its kind in Kansas. Traditionally a nine-day festival, in 2020 the event had to go virtual and suffered a 90% loss in revenue. Thanks to the citizens and businesses of Wichita who have supported Wichita Festivals, Inc., the not-for-profit that produces Wichita Riverfest, the event will be back, but presented over two extended weekends: June 4-6 and Sept. 30-Oct. 3. June events are mostly socially-distanced, participatory events that require preregistration. There will be no gating, no food court, no concerts and no buttons required in June. The fall portion of the festival will be gated and include the traditions we’ve come to love: headliner concerts, fireworks, the Sundown Parade, Food Court, Kids Corner and more! Buttons will be available starting in late September.

Wichita Riverfest with KidsFamily Guide to RiverfestRegister now for June Wichita Riverfest events, such as River Run or the Porch Parade. You’ll be supporting five decades of community tradition while helping WFI keep moving forward, so we can all celebrate the 50th Riverfest in 2022!

The Wichita Riverfest Porch Parade is a fun, creative way for families to get involved in this community event. When Mardi Gras was cancelled in New Orleans, the community stepped up and brought the parade to local neighborhoods by going all out and decorating their yards and creating “house floats”. Such a fun concept! The Riverfest Porch Parade is a similar concept. 

Five Reasons to Take Part in the Riverfest Porch Parade 

  1. Have fun & get creative! Decorate your porch, yard, windows—any or all of the above—June 4, 5 and 6. Consider it an extra holiday. In fact, repurpose some or all of your holiday décor including string lights and inflatables. Why not? Go full-tilt floral. Break out the sidewalk chalk. Or create a tribute to your favorite band. This year’s theme is “The River Rocks Again,” and you can interpret it in any way you like.  
  2. Win awesome prizes! Star Lumber is giving a $1,000 gift card to the first-place winner of the residential division. Your neighborhood could be treated to an ice cream social from Hiland Diary for having the most entries! Upgrades and ice cream!! Enough said. There are even more prizes for both residential and business winners. Be sure to register so you’re eligible. Wichita Riverfest Ice Cream Social
  3. Keep ahead of the Joneses! Challenge up to three of your neighbors (or friends or family members) when you register. The Wichita Riverfest crew will drop a challenge sign in their yard and a note on their door, putting a little friendly pressure on them to join the fun! Remember, if your neighborhood has the most entrants, you can celebrate together over giant bowls of ice cream! (Talk about motivation.) 
  4. Show your Wichita Pride! Riverfest is a great time to shout it out! Embrace the city’s beloved flag, recreate landmarks like the Keeper of the Plains, or honor a favorite location. Rep your school, workplace or church. Relive your favorite Riverfest memory—a concert, a kayak race or when you met your flame.  
  5. Be part of the tour! Registrants will be listed on the Wichita Riverfest Porch Parade map, and winners will be visited by the Riverfest 2021 VIP Parade Delegation, led by Admiral Windwagon Smith XLVII Clay Bastian. Sign up by May 31 to be included on the map. You’ll also get a Porch Parade sign for your yard, while they last. And don’t forget to challenge your neighbors, all the better to win that ice cream! 

Wichita Riverfest Tot Trotters

Register to be part of the Porch Parade HERE by May 31st!

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Thank you to Wichita Riverfest for sponsoring this post and for providing Wichita's favorite event year after year!


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