The Hunt For Great Leggings: A Mom’s Best Friend


Comfort has always been a key element in my wardrobe, especially after becoming a mother. I wanted to be able to move freely and still look cute. I wanted to be comfortable in pants while also being able to switch out tops and add some earrings. I think we all know what kind of pants I’m talking about.

Leggings, mama.

I’m team leggings are pants. Most women I know all have love for leggings in common. I’ve always loved them, but I never truly appreciated them until I gave birth to my third baby. Now that there is more of me to love, I had to get serious about my leggings and find a brand that really for me. So, I set out on hunt to find the best leggings in all the land. 

My favorite leggings

90 Degree by Reflex

I found these babies on Amazon. They had amazing reviews and a 4.5 star rating and they were only $24.99 so I had to try them. Like all of the leggings I tried these boasted high-waisted bands and tummy control. This postpartum mama needed that tummy control. Thanks to Amazon Prime I got them in two days. I put them on and magic happened. They were comfortable, flattering, held me in but didn’t suffocate me and the waist band didn’t roll down! I felt like Cinderella transforming in her ball gown by her fairy god mother. These leggings even passed the squat test. You know the squat test? Where you squat, bend down, lunge and shake your booty really close to the mirror to make sure there is no VPL (visible panty line). These leggings have pockets and come in so many colors and full length, 7/8 length and crop length.


I had never heard of these before but one of my good friends recommended these as she was also a postpartum mama. I could get these on Amazon as well so I began reading reviews. I’m always skeptical about buying things with funny names on Amazon but these had great reviews and 4 stars, tons of colors and were only $18.99! For this price these leggings are pretty awesome. They’re comfortable, super soft and give less of an athletic vibe. They have two pockets and aren’t tight but still hold me in. I don’t have to keep pulling them up and that’s a plus for me! The one draw back these leggings had was that the waist band tends to roll down a little bit when I’m sitting down but I think if I ordered one size smaller they would be perfect.


The next pair that I decided to randomly try thanks to a specific search based on reviews on Amazon were ODODOS. Like Hofi, these also had a weird name so I combed through the reviews and people’s pictures. These leggings were the #1 best seller in women’s athletic pants on Amazon. They had 4.5 stars and lots of colors and lengths and were only $23.98 so I gave them a try. I loved the soft texture and pocket that these had. The tummy control was perfect and the waist band didn’t roll down.

Z by Zella

These were the leggings that were recommended to me the most. You can find them at Nordstrom Rack anywhere from $27 (lowest sale price I’ve seen) to $50. These have a 4.5 star and so many great reviews. They hold everything in with the high-waist and don’t roll down. While I haven’t tried Lululemon (because $$$), I’ve heard that these are highly comparable to the beloved Lululemon leggings. I like these a lot because they can look more athletic or dressed up. Like all other leggings they also pair great with a sweatshirt and mom bun.

Old Navy high-waisted Elevate built in sculpt compression leggings

I love when I can go to an actual store and purchase what I’m looking for that same day. I like these leggings a lot. They have solid colors as well as many fun prints to choose from depending on the look you want. These are geared more towards working out but that’s not always what I wear mine for. They have wicking technology according to their reviews and description. I’d say that’s accurate but I always sweat when I’m chasing three kids and buckling them in to their car seats. I follow several fashion bloggers on Facebook and they always rave about these. I love them. They are tight while not being too tight and they stay in place. Normally they are $50 but Old Navy has sales pretty often and you can find them for less.

Target All in Motion sculpted high-rise leggings

I loved these leggings a lot too. They have 4 stars, are only $30 and can be found in store and online. The part I like most about these leggings is that they have a single loop drawstring on the inside of the waistband to adjust the tightness level. These have pockets and have more of an athletic look as well but again pair nicely with a sweatshirt.

One of the factors that varied when it came to leggings I tried were the VPL (remember that visible panty line that no one wants to see) test. Not to get too personal but I’m not about that thong life and some of these had slight vpl. This led me to try on the best pair of undies I’ve ever had! Soma vanishing edge panties must have been invented by a fellow legging lover because they are magic!

Honorable Mentions

After taking a poll and asking dozens of other women these were their top picks.

  1. Spanx. I would love to try these but I just can’t bring myself to invest in a pair of leggings at this price range because I would probably need 5 pairs!
  2. Lululemon.
  3. CRZ yoga from Amazon. These are in my next Amazon order to try!

Legging fails

  1. Ouges from Amazon. Reviews don’t always mean one pair of leggings will work for everyone. These had great reviews but I didn’t like how thin and tight they were. I could see leg and thigh dimples that I don’t think were really even there.
  2. Fabletics. So many people swear by these but I just wasn’t in love with the two that I tried on so I sent them back.


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