Want to Raise A Reader? Here Are Some of Our Best Tips


In our home, books can be counted by pounds and square footage. In the hustle of our home, we are committed raising readers. Here are some of the ways we have weaved reading into each and every day. 

Books everywhere. In every room, at all levels, make books accessible. Wherever you find yourself sitting the most, pile a stack of books next this spot. Make it easy to pick one up and read to your child. Even better, place books throughout your home where they, too, can grab one unassisted. Not every book needs to be on an Insta-worthy bookshelf. Get books on their eye level and within arms reach – they will be hard to resist..

Let them see you read. If you want to raise a reader, you need to a reader. Time may not always permit you to sit down and read an actual book and that’s perfectly fine. To overcome this obstacle, try audiobooks. Most public libraries offer audiobook apps that make this option affordable and convenient. Or keep a book in your car to dive into when you find yourself while waiting on the little ones. Simply model the behavior you wish for your child to foster. 

Read the favorites over and over again. Does your child have a book in regular reading rotation? That’s great! Let their love of reading blossom from a love of reading their most favorite books. Sprinkle new, diverse topics here an there, but when in doubt, grab the book with worn cover, torn pages, and the words you both know by heart.

Visit your local libraries and bookstores. The best adventures start in libraries and bookstores. Spend time pursing the titles, checking out other resources for boosting literacy, and hit up a story time when you can.

Set a goal. Research confirms what we already know as parents – reading matters to building a robust vocabulary and confident students. Many school and public libraries encourage families to read one thousand books by kindergarten and offer incentives to do so. This is a fantastic way to track and motivate everyone. When you set a goal, it makes reading a priority.

Dr. Suess says it best, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Grab a book and raise a reader.