Struggling to Make Curls Last? These Products & Curling Tools Really Work


Shirley Temple, Goldilocks, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Shakira…. what do these ladies all have in common? Enviable curly locks. If you’re like me, you’ve spent many years practicing the profession of the perfect curl. From products to tools, there’s a wealth out there that can leave one’s head spinning when shopping among all the choices.

I’ve done a bit of research and crowd-sourcing to develop this list of tools and curl products that people love most. 

Just like a house needs a foundation to hold strong, so do your curls. The right products can help you get started:

1. Starting with damp hair, apply a curl mousse for lifeless hair, or a curl cream for dry/frizzy hair. Dry hair with a round brush to set the stage for curls. Aussie Miracle Curl Mousse or Tresemme Flawless Curl Mousse are good options. Eva NYC Rock a Wave Cream and Curly Sexy Hair Cream are both good taming and shaping creams to try for frizzy hair types.
2. Protecting spray is up next. It’s important to use before applying the hot hot heat of an iron! Kenra Thermal Styling Spray and Redken Hot Sets are well loved, or Tresemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer is a more budget friendly version.
3. After the curls are in, a finishing spray will help them last. Garnier Texture Tease Finishing Spray, Aquage Working Spray, or Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Spray are top rated options.

Now for the stars of the show, the tools!

First up is the SPLURGE that will be sure to wow you. Notice I emphasized splurge, as this Dyson Airwrap will set you back $549, which many say is worth it. This tool features several attachments to style AS to dry your hair. Whoa. And it’s by Dyson.
CHI Spin n Curl is an effortless tool leaving even the most curl – gal with covetable locks. With the push of a button, this curls your hair itself!
Head Candy makes a cult favorite iron “Full Entourage” with interchangeable wands to change up your curl. It often sells out, and currently is as I type this, but be sure to check back, or try their basic wand. Also check out the Lange wand set with multiple attachments, which is also highly rated.
One of my personal favorite curling wands is Drybar The Wrap. Also check out their other tools and products, which many love.
Hot Tools Gold Series is a wonderful budget friendly curling iron for under $40, which I own and love!
I also want to note here, beachwaves are very in, and there are many tools out there to achieve this look! Try the Bed Head A Wave We Go, or this similar version.
Another notable mention- for people like me who deal with poofy, frizzy curls after a few short hours, or those whose volume falls flat, try this Revlon tool to smooth and add volume while you dry, before the curling process!