It’s National Bubble Bath Day!


Ahhh… the idea of a bubble bath makes me instantly nostalgic. Most likely because it has been a hot minute (like possibly a few years of a hot minute) since I’ve been able to soak myself in the bliss of a hot, soapy bubble bath (preferably with a glass of wine) after a long day. 

Most of us hop into the shower in the morning and zip off to start our day. We barely even take the time to eat breakfast, let alone spend time sitting in the tub getting pruned fingers. Showers may be quick and easy, but you can’t relax very well standing up… plus, everyone deserves a little “me-time” now and then. A warm bubble bath will relax your muscles, refresh your skin, and help with any congestion you may have during the winter months. Setting a relaxing ambiance with some candles, a good book (and a nice glass of vino) can definitely help to calm your mind and replenish your spirit. 

Celebrated annually on January 8th, National Bubble Bath Day can be the perfect time to warm-up and relax in the midst of the winter months while also recovering from the holidays.


1. You have an excuse reason to take a bubble bath!

National Bubble Bath Day is the perfect excuse to take out the bottle of soap and get celebrating. This holiday calls on us to take an hour out of our day to tuck away our phones and our worries to relax and enjoy a luxury we often (especially as busy moms) take for granted. 

2. Uninterrupted time to yourself.

Something magical happens when you decide to take a bubble bath. As soon as your inner task-manager approves of the activity, your mind immediately starts to relax. This gives your body permission to relax as well, and you haven’t even hit the tub yet! As you watch the bubbles form and smell the soap in the air, the stress of the day dissolves just in time for you to step into that foamy water and let the heat work its way into your muscles. Also, did you know that being horizontal actually helps your mood? Ahh…

3. A way to have fun with your kids. 

Bath time isn’t always alone time, and parents more often find themselves beside the tub rather than in it. Kids might not relax in the bath like adults would, but they still love the whole bubble bath experience. Sure, it can get messy, but what fun activity doesn’t get messy when kids are involved? From hiding beneath the bubbles to scooping them up in their hands and flinging them around, kids know how to make the most out of bubble baths!


  • Gift some bubble bath to a friend, so they can also experience all of the benefits. 

Many of us moms have trouble giving ourselves permission to indulge in things like bubble baths. Help spread the love of bubble baths by presenting a friend with a reason to get in the tub. To spread the love further, give bottles of bubble bath to multiple friends, or make gift baskets with an assortment of bubble baths, facial masks, and body scrubs. What friend wouldn’t love a self-care package?!

  • Make homemade bubble bath/bath bombs.

Here is a great homemade bubble bath recipe and an easy bath bomb fizzy recipe to try. You could even gift your homemade bubble bath/bath bombs to a friend like mentioned above!

  • Take a bubble bath!

Make sure to make time to take your own bubble bath. Let the bubbles do their job of insulating the surface of your bath, allow the steamy air to help you breathe easier and let the scented soap reward you for breathing deep as you feel the stress leave your body.

Give yourself the care you deserve and reward your body for its hard work. Relax & enjoy! 

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