Why I Got My Boys a Dollhouse


We added another toy into the playroom. It’s big, blue…and has accessories? When I told my husband I was getting our boys a dollhouse, I could tell he was a bit surprised. He wasn’t against the idea, he just hadn’t really thought of why getting a dollhouse for two young boys would be needed. But I knew why. The teacher in me knew why. There are some real benefits to having a dollhouse in your home, even if you’re a boy-mom.

Imaginary Play Is Important

Have you watched your child ‘cooking’ in their kitchen or racing their cars around the rug? This is what’s called pretend or dramatic play. Pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas. When your child engages in pretend or dramatic play, he is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. With technology being introduced to children at earlier and earlier ages, this pretend play is vital for a child’s development. Adding in a toy when your child can take of and interact with another toy is important for emotional development. Just yesterday I heard my four-year old tell the sister doll to, “push your baby brother carefully in the swing.” What great real-life lessons he is learning!

Toys Shouldn’t Have to Have a Stereotype

Children are drawn to different types of toys. My two year old was bouncing a basketball around before he could walk, while my four year-old has been obsessed with garbage trucks for years. However, we need to break the stereotype that dolls are for girls and cars and trucks are for boys. Maybe changing this stereotype could foster a change on labels we put on gender roles. Do men have to be the bread winners in the family? Should women be the ones who care for their babies? I don’t know about your families, but after both of my boys were born, my husband changed more diapers the first week of their lives than I did. Boys need to learn how to care for others, and what better way than acting out real-life situations through toys?

My Boys Wanted It

We went to dinner at a friend’s house where they had a dollhouse. My boys were instantly drawn to it. They had the mommy cooking in the kitchen, the baby swinging, the daddy dancing around with the little girl. It was so fun seeing them interact with the pretend family and engaging with each other. Later on it was my two year old who pointed out to me in a book a dollhouse and told me, “I play.” When I asked him if he would like one of those, he answered with an enthusiastic nod. One click on Amazon and the rest is history.

I Wanted to Play With It

Being a ‘boy mom’ I am surrounded by trucks, train, and balls every day. I love playing and interacting with my sons, but it is nice to have a change of pace. I enjoy having them sit and engage in play that is of a calmer matter. A certain toy company came out with a modernized version of a house that I had when I was little, and the 90s little girl in me just had to have it!

Getting my sons a doll house is all about balance. I want them to learn that they can play monster and crash their cars and still be tender and caring individuals. They can take turns pushing the sister doll in her mini car, then go outside and reenact this on our driveway.

As a parent, our job is to foster an environment where our children can grow, develop, and become successful individuals. Adding another toy to help encourage pretend play and develop healthy emotions is just another way for my sons to grow into the young men I hope they will become.


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Anne and her husband, Ryan, live in East Wichita with their two boys, born in 2014 and 2016, and their dog, Lola. She taught second grade for six years before deciding to stay home with her boys. Anne is involved with her church and an active member of Junior League of Wichita. A transplant from Kansas City, Anne enjoys exploring Wichita with her family, finding fun and different activities to keep her toddler engaged. She is continually on the lookout for new restaurants to try and is always up for a glass of wine with girlfriends!