4 Reasons Our Family Loves Flag Football (And Why Yours Might Too!)

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Our family loves flag football! When our son first expressed an interest in joining a football team, I wasn’t sure he was old enough. Our small private school doesn’t offer much in the way of sports, so I started googling, and now three years later, our son is still playing with no signs of stopping. 

Flag Football is a great youth sport option, and below are some of the reasons it has been great for our family!

4 Reasons Our Family Loves Flag Football (And Why Yours Might Too!)

Kids Can Play At a Young Age

I was thrilled to learn that flag football starts as young as four years old in our area, and both boys and girls can play on the same team. I stumbled across the Wichita Park and Rec NFL FLAG football league three years ago, and our son has been so happy as we enroll year after year. 

Flag Football is All About Fun

Every spring I sign our son up for a team, and he eagerly awaits his practice and game schedule. I don’t have to remind him to get ready for practice because he’s usually by the door with his cleats and water bottle, waiting on me! (This never happens at any other time.) It’s a great way to get outside and burn energy, and he has so much fun. 

Flag Football Builds Community

My husband has coached the team one year, and we’ve had other community members as coaches too. We love the opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones each season. It’s a great way to meet other kids who don’t necessarily attend the same school.

Flag Football Teaches Life Skills

We have discovered so many benefits to joining a flag football team. He has learned positive competitiveness, good sportsmanship and teamwork, and anything that has kids burning off energy in a productive manner in a win in my book. Learning strategy and skills of the game with less risk for injury can help a child and family decide if moving on to tackle football in later years is for them. 

By the end of each season, we walk away with new friends, lots of great memories, and all the life lessons that come with playing on a team. 

Michael Bishop Named to 2023 Class of the College Football Hall of Fame

As avid K-State football fans (EMAW!), it has been fun for our family to watch our son enjoy a sport he loves and build foundational skills for the future. And we recently learned the news that Michael Bishop, Kansas State Quarterback (1997-98), was named a 2023 College Football Hall of Fame inductee by The National Football Foundation. Pretty cool to see a fellow Wildcat earn recognition as one of the game’s greatest legends and college quarterbacks.

Find Local Flag Football Leagues

If you have interest in learning more about local Wichita area flag football leagues, you can find more information here: https://futureforfootball.com/resources/and don’t forget flag football is a great sport for everyone, females too

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Meaghan Koci
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