Where to Shop for Great Toddler Christmas Gifts in Wichita


I’m not promising the trendiest or coolest gifts of 2020, but I can promise that most of these suggestions have been toddler approved by my two-year-old twin boys and their old sister.

The bonus is none of these gift ideas require batteries or require you to build something! Meaning these toys are easy on mama’s nerves! And we all need that.

The fact you can purchase any of these toys from businesses in town doesn’t hurt. All but two of the shops are local to Wichita, a huge bonus!

And let’s be honest, while online shopping is lovely, sometimes you need to get out and about alone. Toy shopping is a great excuse to get out of the house sans toddlers!

Imagine That Toys

This great little store is full of gems perfect for any kid, but it’s a gold mine for toddler toy options you can’t find in bigger box stores.

Favorite toddler toy finds include:

Poke-A-Dot Books
Schleich Animal Figures
Brio Train Set and accessories

Love of Character

This sweet little shop is full of unique goodies any toddler would be thrilled to get. Plus, it’s really hard not to feel happy just walking into this beautiful store full of goodies.

Favorite toddler toy finds include:

Analu Peppermint therapy dough
(side note: this is the perfect calming toy for an overstimulated toddler)
Candylab Toys wooden vehicles
Tender Leaf Toys bear colors clock

The Workroom

Everyone’s favorite local artisan shop has some kid-friendly items you can pick up for an out of town toddler or give to your own local tot.

Favorite toddler toy finds include:

Doodah Doodles, a coloring book of local landmarks
Leo the Squirrel or Leisure Book

Whole Foods

If you’re in a bind and need groceries or a snack and a gift for a toddler? Whole Foods is your spot. Just look for the end-cap full of Melissa and Doug toys that will bring joy to any toddler around.

Favorite toddler toy finds include:

Water Wow Books
Cooking sets
Musical Instrument Set

Watermark Books

This quaint College Hill bookstore will offer you quiet and calm shopping experience. Grab a coffee and peruse all the fantastic toddler books and activities.

Favorite toddler toy finds include:

“Press Here” Book
An array of toddler coloring books
Board Books like “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site”
anything by Sandra Boynton


I mean, chances are you’ll be at Target at some point. You may as well grab a few toddler gifts to stash away for the future. And while it’s not a local store, it’s still super convenient and right in town.

Favorite toddler toy finds include:

Antsy Pants Stepping Stones
Green Toys Orange Wagon
Pop Up Play Tunnel by Chuckle and Roar

While there are tons of excellent local shopping options, I had to narrow them down. But if you have some local favorites that we missed, please share!

Here’s wishing you a happy, low-stress, and healthy holiday season. Hopefully, this local toddler gift list will help ease your stress and bring joy to your littles for months to come.


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