Working Out When You Need to Stay In: YouTube Channels & Instagram Accounts with FREE Workouts


I’ve always been that person who needs to workout. Sometimes it’s a run, sometimes it’s cardio at the Y, sometimes a fitness class. What it rarely is? A workout at my house. I like to leave and go clear my head and do my own thing, and that doesn’t happen when I stay at home.

But things can interfere with that plan. Weather, sick kids, and life can make leaving the house impossible. I don’t have workout equipment at my house, but everyone in my family agrees mom is happier when she gets her sweat on! So now what? Here are some options that allow you to workout while in the comfort of your own home! 

Use the House

Do you have stairs? Try leg kicks walking up them. Squats walking up and down them. Five sets of stairs five times a day, or pushups on the incline or decline. Jumping or bounding up or down them is also a tough workout. I consider stairs a last resort, but it’s an effective workout tool.

Another option if you have older kids is to have them make up some exercises for you. Middle and high school kids often have fitness classes at school.  What do they recommend? What do your little athletes do for warmups at practice? Can they make up drills for you to do? Let your child be your trainer for the day!

We have a trampoline outside. While intense jumping isn’t an option for every mom, it’s fun and a quick way to burn some calories. Bonus calories are burned and smiles added when you jump with your kids!  A mini-trampoline or rebounder is another option, with a quick “I Do, You Do” activity with your child.

Utilize YouTube

YouTube has many fitness programs that are free (or free for a while this Spring). I don’t want to pay for something I likely won’t need beyond a couple of weeks, so I’m looking for something easy to follow, doesn’t require much space or set-up, and is free or at least I can get a couple of free workouts in before an obligation kicks in.  

Yoga with Adriene is a website, but her videos are on you-tube as well.  She’s easy to follow and I like her dog!

Our own Wichita Mom Lauren Scafe has a channel where she models various exercises to tone and tighten, providing tips you so you perform the exercise correctly.

The Balanced Life with Robin Long has many Pilates workouts, and I like that they vary in length. She gives good coaching, particularly for people like me who aren’t experienced in this area. 

Blogilates has various workouts.  It’s designed for you to pick out what you’re interested in toning for the day. She is very perky, and the workouts are sure to give a burn! Again, workouts of various lengths make this ideal when you don’t have big chunks of time.

Popsugar Fitness has endless videos to choose from.  Varying abilities and options are available, from dance to boxing to toning. 

Body Project has a variety of videos, and most run right around 30 minutes in length, which I like because then I’m not trying to piece a workout together. 

FitnessBlender has many free videos, and their website makes finding one that’s just right for you an easy and quick thing to do!

YMCA360 just started in March 2020 and aren’t we glad! Videos will continue to be added, but there’s a nice little collection to get you started!

BeachBody is offering two weeks free. They have endless options for every level of fitness junkie.

The Orangetheory Fitness channel features several workouts ranging from 20-40 minutes that can be done at home.

Fitness on Instagram

I’m a huge fan of Instagram workouts; it’s my first choice when I’m looking for a workout at home or something new to try at the gym. I like that it’s often a series of quick videos or pics, I can glance at the pics and know what to do, and I can mix and match routines and moves as I want.   

@erinoprea is fun to follow and gives nutrition and fitness advice as well as short videos with written directions.  

@kirastokesfit kicks my booty! I can rarely do all she says to do, but you’re guaranteed a tough series of moves with her.

@strength2runcoach mixes up mobility and strengths moves, plus she’s a runner.  I use her Mobility Monday workouts and then mix in her strength routines.

@siss_fit posts running and strength training workouts. Additionally, if you do have access to a treadmill or elliptical, they have workouts that are tough but short.

@deliciouslyfitnhealthy has a mixture of quick workout moves and healthy eating.  Her sweet daughter roaming around is a cute addition!

@yogastrike has advice on certain poses, but then they also provide a series of poses to relieve stress or relax tight hips, for example. 

@fitpregnancyfitness has some serious workouts and inspiration for those who are expecting, but also includes stretching and healthy tips.

No, none of these are the same as going out for a run or to a fitness class.  t’s highly possible you’ll have an audience letting you know what you’re doing wrong, or joining in while you downward dog. But you’ll be able to get a little workout in, feel good when you finish, and save your sanity.