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What is Orangetheory Fitness? 

Orangetheory Fitness is a 1-hour full body group workout that is designed to charge your metabolism for more caloric afterburn, results, and confidence, all to deliver you MORE LIFE. OTF focuses on heart-rate based training tracked with technology so you can monitor your results in real time. Each class is led by a certified fitness coach to make sure you don’t over or under train.

Together, you work toward a better version of yourself to live a longer, more vibrant life. It’s designed for all levels from beginners to the most advanced athletes. Whether looking for physical changes, mental and emotional, or maybe just some “me-time” – you will walk away with all of the above in 60 minutes! 

Orangetheory Fitness

Jenna’s Experience

I joined OTF in June 2021 after trying a ton of different local workout facilities. As a former collegiate swimming athlete it was always so hard to find something comparable to the team sport atmosphere, the meeting you on the level you are at, and the mindless killer workout (just show up and they have your workout ready for you).

I am so thankful that OTF encompassed all of this. 

My Top 3 reasons Why I LOVE Orangetheory Fitness:

1. They meet where you are. I am no college swimmer these days.
My first week at OTF, I was so nervous I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I quickly realized they coach to your level with alternate workouts for each station or a variety of weight modifications for floor activities. You can power walk instead of running on the treadmill, and they even have an elliptical and stationary bike if the rower is not for you. You can work out as hard or as “easy” as you need based on your body, your fitness level, and how you are feeling that day. Orangetheory Fitness
2. The Orangtheory Coaches! These people are simply amazing and truly make your OTF experience the very best. It is so different than any other 1:1 personal training or other group workout class that I have been a part of. They know your name and abilities, they ask about you, they help correct if needed, but above all else, they are cheering you on every second of the class..from the time you enter until you exit!
3. The Orangetheory Members. They truly become like family. Although OTF is a meet you at your own level type of workout, each person in the gym that day will be cheering you on. It is such an amazing environment when you are finishing a hard workout and have 30+ other people cheering you on. It’s truly the best to know that even if you don’t know the person working out next to you, you can count on them to cheer and encourage you throughout your workout. 
Orangtheory Fitness is hands down the best decision I have made. Not only am I in the best shape physically, but also mentally. It is a gym that I will forever be a part of and I am so thankful that Wichita has such a gem within our community!
Jenna Artis

Ready to have some fun this summer & get into the best shape of your life?

Join now and get your first month FREE. Take advantage of this limited-time offer & get registered for our 6-week Summer Challenge (begins June 13th). What are you waiting for? Try out your first class for FREE and jump into your best summer yet.

East: 316-440-4640

West: 316-239-6348

Testimonials from Local Moms:

I have been attending OTF Wichita East for 4 years now. Throughout those years, I have been through multiple life events – finishing graduate school to getting married and recently having my first baby. It has been this most recent life event that I have enjoyed my membership the most. The morning I was cleared to get back into the gym I called and booked class that very day! I am so thankful for OTF for giving me the opportunity to reintegrate my body into working out. Not only have the coaches been encouraging, they have also guided me back into feeling like my pre-pregnancy self. OTF has truly given me more life! – Taylor J. 
Orange Theory Fitness has given me that crucial thing that every mother with young children needs: me time. The early morning classes help me start my days off right. If nothing else goes my way throughout the day (which it often doesn’t), I still have a sense of accomplishment. I would highly recommend Orange Theory Fitness to all moms out there. Invest in yourself. You deserve it. – Shelby S. 


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