Super Easy 3 Ingredient Snow Ice Cream

The moment the first snowflake of the season falls, my girls are begging to get out the supplies and ingredients for snow ice cream. 

It quickly became an expected tradition in our house after we made it for the first time when my girls were really little one winter. Now, they pray for snow every winter and know that after the first good snowfall, their job is to go out in the yard and get the fresh, clean snow. 

And it’s so simple! I’m not the greatest with measuring – I tend to eyeball the ingredients and mix together until the snow has the perfect creamy texture. And it honest to goodness tastes like vanilla ice cream.

3 Ingredient Snow Ice Cream

Though there are so many fun variations to this quick and simple recipe, there are really only 3 ingredients you need to make snow ice cream:

  • 1 Can of Condensed Milk
  • Vanilla
  • Fresh Snow

Mix together until your ice cream reaches the consistency of your liking. 

Snow Ice Cream Variations & Toppings:

  • I personally think condensed milk is the best, but we have used 2% milk in a pinch! Just mix with a bit of snow, sugar, and vanilla. It doesn’t have the same consistency but does have the same great vanilla taste. *My girls didn’t even know the difference.
  • 1 tsp of cocoa powder for chocolate flavor
  • Mint extract instead of vanilla *We did this by accident once and it tasted like mint so we added chocolate chips, and it was delicious!
  • Add food coloring for some extra fun
  • Add fruit, nuts, sprinkles, and or chocolate chips for extra toppings

Snow Ice Cream Best Tips:

  • Use fresh snow! That first real snow is the best (and cleanest), and creates the best consistency.
  • If the ice cream is too thin, just add more snow. Too thick? Add more milk.
  •  Snow does not freeze well – it essentially becomes an ice cube.
  • Snow melts QUICKLY, so have your ingredients ready to go. We actually bring the ingredients outside and keep the snow in a metal bowl in the snow to keep it cold until ready to eat.
  • Condensed milk really yields the best results.
  • Always top with sprinkles!



Angela Green
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