The Once-A-Week Laundry Strategy (and 5 Laundry Services in Wichita That Will Do the Dirty Work For You)

The unrelenting nature of some household tasks drives me nuts. It’s a constant battle against a smelly monster that grows every time I turn my back! Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, or you work full-time or part-time, we can all agree…there’s a swamp monster living in the laundry room. 

As a work-from-home mom, I thought I could put in and switch loads between tasks. Nerp. Breaking my focus made me feel like I’m not doing a good job at anything.

So over the last couple years, I’ve started a system that has really brought peace and organization to the textile terrorist. 

Pick Your Laundry Day

You know how women used to assign a task to a certain day of the week? They were on to something! 

I made Saturday my laundry day. The goal is for everything to be washed, dried, and put away in one day. Or by Monday night at the latest. Hang on, hear me out.

I gather everything that needs to be washed from hampers, hooks, floors, and doors around the house. 

Then I sort it by color and by soil level. If we can do a smaller quick wash, let’s do it. This can help protect your clothes too; all the jeans can go in together, instead of tearing up gentler fabrics. 

Once I get clothes done, I round up towels, sheets, and blankets. Everything doesn’t get done every week. I am not Super Woman! 

Weekly laundry does mean that you need enough uniforms/outfits for kids to go a week. I find this helps us, however, to be more responsible and careful with our favorite clothes – you aren’t getting them back until Saturday! 

We do sometimes do a small load mi-week, especially if yard work or sports were involved. That stuff can’t wait. Ew.  

This rhythm also helps the family to know how to help you. My big kids know they’ll have laundry as a weekend chore. When I was out of town, my husband knew he could help by getting clothes washed and eliminating a step of the process. Love him! 

Get Some Labeled Baskets

When clothes come out of the dryer, I immediately sort them into a horde of baskets, officially labeled and deputized. Meaning I got a Sharpie and wrote on them – you could get fancier!  Each member of the family has their own. Then I have a kitchen, bathroom, and sock basket. 

This allows me to carry the right clothes to the right room. I give the big kids their baskets to be folded in their rooms. I can carry the kitchen basket down and fold towels on the counter. I sit on my bed to fold my clothes and sort socks (while watching Seinfeld, obviously!)

This part of the system has been so very helpful when I CAN’T get it all folded right away. If it’s clean and sorted, then we can still find that favorite sweatshirt or grab more kitchen towels.  

Of course, this system may not by ideal for you. Here are 3 ways another Wichita Mom stays on top of laundry, including doing laundry every day!

Get Help! Laundry Services in Wichita

Sometimes, you gotta call in reinforcements! Here are some local laundry services that have your back when you need it. 

  • In The Bag Cleaners – Various timesaver plans with monthly subscriptions available. You can drop off at local retail locations or have laundry picked up!
    12 convenient retail locations
  • Lincoln East Laundry – free pick-up and delivery with easy scheduling
    5520 E. Lincoln
  • Elite Cleaners – Free pick-up and delivery. Check out their Wash and Fold monthly subscription.
    6161 E 13th St N, Wichita KS 67208 – 316-651-5997
    4618 E Central #100, Wichita KS 67208 – 316-683-3331 
  • The Laundry Station – Drop-off services and Laundry Express for next day return.
    555 S Oliver (Kellogg and Oliver)
  • Xpress Laundry Solutions – Wash and dry only option as well as subscription plans! 
    2622 E. Douglas Avenue, Wichita, KS 67214


Jenna Quentin
Jenna is a Kansas girl who married a Frenchman and lived her personal fairytale in Bordeaux, France for five years. In 2013, they moved back to raise their four children in Newton, where her husband is a firefighter. Jenna brought back a love of the French language, culture, cuisine and cheese. She never thought she would fall equally in love with Kansas and the Wichita area, where she feels so supported as a woman and mom. She is a WAHM, with a media startup.