Lincoln East Laundry: Wash & Fold Service for Busy Wichita Moms


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I get it. Life is crazy. I have a middle schooler, elementary-aged child, and a baby. There’s always waaaaay more things on my to-do list than hours in my day: enter Lincoln East Laundry.

Lincoln East Laundry Service in Wichita

Not only will they wash/dry/fold your laundry, they’ll pick it up and drop it off on the day and time you choose. I was able to log in easily, make an account, and pick a time that was convenient for my schedule as a busy working mom.

I gathered all the laundry (hint: it was a lot) and set it out on the porch. They picked it up and never even rang the bell – and all the moms of sleeping babies rejoiced!

How It Works

The day I had scheduled for my return was a snow storm – but they still brought it during the window I chose! And I got emails all along the way – letting me know when it was picked up, cleaned, and on its way back to me!

It was so wonderful to have several loads of laundry clean and folded for me, but my big kids also loved not having to fold their own – sliding the crisp stacks of clothes in the correct drawers was so easy! You can also ask them to hang certain items if you prefer, and there was an option for free and clear detergent at no additional cost. 

If you have a friend who is sick, or know a new mom who needs a little help, you can add their address to your account and schedule a one-time service as a gift. With only about five minutes on the computer or app, you’ve saved hours of time!


They charge a flat rate of $1.70 per pound of laundry for weekly and bi-weekly customers, or $1.90 per pound for one-time or infrequent customers.

Special items such as comforters, pillows, dog beds, etc. are charged by the item (special item pricing can be seen when placing an order). 

Schedule Your Service Today

To schedule a pickup simply visit their website, create an account, pick the dates you want your laundry picked-up/delivered, and they handle the rest. New customers will receive 10% off their first order. They offer same-day pickup and next-day delivery, Monday through Friday 9am-4pm. 

What are you waiting for? Save yourself time and hassle with an easy laundry delivery service! Lincoln East Laundry also offers dry cleaning, wash and fold, and self-service laundry too! 

Lincoln East Laundry
5520 E Lincoln St
Wichita, KS 67218
 (316) 260-5558

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