Andover eCademy Offers Flexible Online K-12 Education for Families

This article is sponsored by Andover eCademy, a blended virtual school in Kansas.

Andover eCademy is a K-12 blended online school that is different from other online schools. What makes us different? We provide a blended approach for our families by offering various opportunities for students to engage in activities, both in an academic and social setting. Not only do students have the teacher’s support with their courses, but also have opportunities to engage in in-person activities that vary for each grade level.

The eCademy staff believes education is a partnership between the families and students that provides the best education experience from kindergarten to high school graduation. Blended opportunities not only include monthly field trips and clubs for elementary and middle school, but also time to meet face to face with teachers and peers to explore, collaborate, practice, and apply what they have learned.

Andover eCademy
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Andover eCademy offers virtual blended K-5 education for Kansas families. Here’s what to expect according to your child’s age:

Elementary (K-5)

The Learning Coach (usually a parent) is the primary facilitator of learning, but the teacher works closely with them.

We use a variety of curriculum including teacher-authored courses that are rigorous, and product/project based; not just computer lessons. Instruction is online, but much of the practice is offline during their elementary years.

Students can come to school for in-house days a few times per month. These days are structured, yet flexible based on the students’ needs. Teachers plan lessons and activities in order for students to become better engaged in their learning, collaborate with peers, socialize, and learn real-life skills that prepares them to be lifelong and successful learners.

Electives offered include Spanish, Keyboarding, P.E., Theater, Art, etc. At this young age, three different tracks are available: traditional, modified, and a la carte (for homeschool families).

Contact the school for more information.

Middle School (6-8th)

The Learning Coach is still an important part of the child’s learning and needs to be present but the student works a little more independently compared to their elementary years.

The teachers work closely with the students at this age and provide in house opportunities twice per week. Students work on their coursework with the guidance of teachers as well as engage in other learning and social activities.

Teachers plan field trips and social activities throughout the month as well. We offer a variety of electives including a medical strand of courses, computer courses, Spanish, art, etc.

High School (9-12th)

The Learning Coach takes a step back and students are much more independent at this age. Although the Learning Coach is, still an important part of the students learning experience, the teachers will work mostly with the students.

All instruction is online and designed for the self-starter and motivated learner to complete independently. Support is provided when needed to meet the needs of individual learners.

Each student has a ‘HomeBase’ teacher that checks on them weekly and provides additional support when needed; just an extra adult to reach out to. On-campus opportunities are available that include science labs, writing practice, etc.

Our eCafe is a place with different types of seating and a coffee station with snacks. It is a place where high school students can step away from the house and do schoolwork in a comfortable environment. Teachers are available during this time as well for those who need extra help, or a motivational boost. The eCafe is open Monday through Friday.

Though in-house conveniences are optional, it is an important part of what sets us apart from other virtual schools. For those students who do not fit the traditional mold of an 8:00-4:00 brick and mortar school for whatever the reasons, Andover eCademy provides a choice that may fit that need. Come see what we are all about!

Andover eCademy offers virtual and blended educational opportunities through a fully accredited curriculum that is supported by our onsite Kansas certified teachers. 


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