An Ode to the Bond of Sisters


A sister’s love cannot be compared to any other.

It’s unconditional – always a buffer against what life throws at us. A security. A safe place. 

We fight, in ways only sisters can, over things as simple as clothes or shoes. Yet, to be honest, I don’t recall the reasons of almost all of our fights. Probably because we never hold a grudge. We are friends again before we can finish the fight, and always before we sleep. We try keeping straight faces to show how mad we are, but those smirks and laughs always happen in the midst of the sister war. 

We may swear and cry and call each other every name in the book, but it’s our sisterly right. 

Yet protect the outsider who comes after any one of our sister quad. We rise together in defense and fiercely back each other, no matter what. 

It’s us against the world. 

Though we are alike in so many ways, I celebrate what makes us different too. Our differences is what helps us to compliment each other. We accept each other for who we are, not trying to change even the slightest of idiosyncrasies. To the core, we are the same in values and always channeling each other’s thoughts. We hold each other accountable, good and bad. We push each other, always to be better. 

The three of you make me so proud. You’re strong, beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny and creative. Each of you are my muse.

We have shared heartache and celebration, inside jokes and too many secrets to count. Our histories and memories are forever intertwined. Even at our worst, our vision of each other is who we are at our best. We will always remember what we have been; we are that deeply connected.  

Soul sisters. 

I sit with equal parts of nostalgia and an inner giant smile of what’s to come each day as I watch your two little nieces have the same connected souls. They don’t know it yet, but I know they will be writing these same words about each other one day. 

Life makes more sense having the three of you by my side. I have more confidence and see things more clearly. You make a black & white world full of bright color. We journey through together, knowing that we always have each other, no matter what. You make me a better wife, daughter, mom, sister, friend and person. 

Being a sister is a tremendous part of what has made me who I am today. How lucky that I am able to have older sisters and a younger sister. The best of both worlds, and perspectives. 

There are many roles that I take on in life, but the one that always resonates with me is the one that came before the others: Sister. 

Near or far, I will always have my sisters. 

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Desi Viner
Desi is a hometown girl, attending a small town school just north of Wichita. From a young age she had a love of sports, fueling her to play collegiate sports while obtaining degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Communications. Desi is a working mom and enjoys a career in pharmaceutical sales. Her and her family enjoy music of all kinds and use their love of music to put on music events in the surrounding area. Desi happily resides in Wichita with husband, Ross and their two sweet little girls, Adeline and Annie. Faith, family and coffee talks/quality time with friends are at the top of her list of favorite things. She also loves being active/running/working out, playing sports, grocery shopping and looks forward to cooking when time permits within her busy schedule; but nothing beats dining out with a smooth glass of red or a delicious Moscow Mule (she's done "research" and has found the best in Wichita). Above all, the greatest joy in her life is simply being a mom. Even with all of its challenges, #Momlife is truly the best life!