Favorite Gifts for New Moms


We can’t think of anyone who could use a thoughtful gift more than a new mom! She’s tired and learning her new groove, and below are some of our very favorite gift ideas to bring to mom at the hospital or in those first few days of motherhood. 

But what to get? Of course a new mom would benefit from a service of any kind – house cleaning, laundry service, car detailing, a meal train – but below we are focused on tangible gifts for new moms she would actually use and enjoy.


Stylish + Functional Diaper Bag: We cannot sing the praises highly enough of the Fawn Design Bag. This is totally worth the price tag and would be a great splurge gift for a good friend or family member and will last through multiple babies (and beyond) combining style, comfort, and ease.

Extra Long Phone Charger: Ok, so this may seem like an out-of-the-box gift. But this is such a useful practical idea we heard and loved! A longer cord phone charger (we recommend 10ft) for a new mom while in the hospital to charge phone or tablet (so she doesn’t have to get up from bed) is such a great idea. Also great for c-section mamas and perfect for a little “newborn station” in the living room, kitchen or wherever mom decides to camp out for a few weeks. Anything to make life a bit easier in those early days.

Insulated Coffee Mug: New moms have yet to knew (but will learn quickly) that their hot drinks don’t stay that way for long! We absolutely love this Corkcicle Mug because they are so sleek and adorable and keep that coffee hot for hours. We love the white but they come in so many fun colors!

Silk Pillow Case: Silk pillow cases are all the rage as they are not only soft and cozy but are supposedly great for anti-aging. The Nordstrom silk pillow gets so many great reviews, but we found this knock off for half the price that also has great reviews, and it comes in so many colors!

Stylish RobeOne of the gifts that stands out to me when I was a new mom was an adorable, stylish robe a friend got me before I had my first baby. I actually lived in it for the first couple of weeks – it gave baby easy access to nursing, and I didn’t feel so frumpy because the robe was cute and stylish. Perfect for the hospital and those first few weeks of adjusting to motherhood.

Dry Shampoo: Because who has time to wash her hair everyday? Definitely not new mamas. There are so many great lines of dry shampoo, lots of moms rave about Batiste but we love good ol’ Dove Dry Shampoo. This would be perfect to put in a care package for a new mom. 

Hair Ties: Another fun an inexpensive practical gift for a new mom is hair ties. We love the spiral telephone cord ties because they are soft on hair and also stylish and cute. Put in a care package with other must-have items or also a great small stand-alone gift.

Personalized Jewelry: This is an absolute favorite because it’s a personalized gift! We love to give a piece of jewelry with the baby’s initial and or something birthstone inspired. Some of our go-to spots are: Made by Mary, Alex & Ani, and Kendra Scott (you can pop in store locally for their color bar making it an even more personal experience. 

Slippers/Cozy Socks/Flip Flops: Another great gift perfect for that time in the hospital and first few weeks at home with a newborn. Mama wants to be cozy while still being cute! And something easy to slip on her feet is always a great idea. 

Solly Baby Wrap: Admittedly the baby wraps are a personal preference, and brands tend to come and go. But we have heard so many great things about the Solly Baby Wraps and a lot of our team members use or have used them. 

Are you a recent new mama? What were some of your very favorite gifts you received?

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