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Moms of Wichita

In light of Mother’s Day and in an effort to support Wichita Moms Blog’s mission to connect moms, we have partnered with Sally Cavanaugh Films and Photos to feature real moms through Moms of Wichita, a photo series showcasing the beauty, the story, and the reality of motherhood. 

Though we may differ in backgrounds, experiences, and parenting styles, we all share the common thread of motherhood and are truly in this together. The participants in this three-part series are loyal WMB readers and have agreed to share their stories. We hope you are able to connect with and relate to one or more of these inspiring women!


Mom of three and proud grandmother of two 

About Me: I am a mom of three. All grown sadly but I am enjoying my two small grands, ages 5 and 3. Married 30 years to a musician/pastor. Originally from Tampa, FL. My kids are 33, 30, and 22 years old. I am probably too old for this series – I just turned 60! I read WMB all the time and love the articles and the writers! I am mom to a 4 year old golden named Pearl. Recently lost 57 pounds on the way to losing 50 more.

If I Could Go Back to When I Had My First Baby, I Would Tell Myself: Be calm. Enjoy every second. Laugh more. Spend more lap time instead of worrying about the house, laundry and cooking.

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: Coming from Florida, we loved raising our kids in the Midwest. Wichita is a big small town and has a plethora of activities to do as a family. We are so happy we made the decision to move here 23 years ago. The people are the best. Great local businesses abound. There is always something to do and I love having actual seasons!


Mom of three and full time student

Moms of Wichita Photo Series

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: We’re an interracial family of five originally from Las Vegas. My husband works in the restaurant industry, and I’m currently in school studying to be a surgical tech after spending the last 10 years staying at home. Our oldest son, age 9, has ASD, ADHD, and OCD. Our daughter, age 7, is the middle child, and very much what middle children are “supposed” to be like. Our youngest, age 4, is on an IED for having a speech/developmental delay.

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: Wichita is super family oriented in ways that Las Vegas definitely is not. It’s not hard to find things to do with the kids, I love the schools, and I feel generally safe here.

My Secret Indulgence: Omg so much! I’m on weight watchers now, so I’ve dropped a ton of “bad” things from my diet, but Starbucks Creme Brulee & Hurts Donuts for sure!

AbbyMoms of Wichita

Work from home, first-time Mom to a 6 month old

5 words to Describe My Daily Momlife: Coffee. Cuddles. Conference Calls. Cooking. (In that order too haha!)

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: I work from home, and I’m a new mom. My job is a little different than a lot of other work-from-home moms since I work for a large corporation. I still work 9-5, and my schedule isn’t super flexible. That being said, I have the opportunity to be home with my baby (with help from a nanny that comes to us) which is really really great. I like the way working stretches my brain and creativity, but being at home allows me to stay close to my daughter. It’s a little stressful at times (like when she’s crying with the sitter and I’m about to hop on a conference call… I’ve taken a few calls in the laundry room to avoid background noise – ha!) but overall it’s been a nice set-up.

My Top 3 Things to Do in Wichita: I love checking out new locally-owned shops. There’s SO many talented people here, and I’m a huge fan of supporting locally-owned businesses, new and established (Watermark Book’s tomato soup + book shopping is a well-spent lunch break.) I also love taking art classes at Wichita Center for the Arts – I’m thrilled they’re expanding and growing so my little girl can eventually take classes there too. My third go-to is visiting our parks. My husband loves to play disc golf, and on randomly warm days we’ve taken our girl out for walks with couple friends while the guys play. Our favorite is Riverside Park because of the close proximity to coffee and the occasional food truck.

Kelly C. 

Mom of five and long-time Wichita Public Schools teacher

Moms of Wichita

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: Great schools, great food, great arts, always something to do!

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: We are a family of seven, I have 3 kids of my own and raising my niece and nephew. I have taught for 23 years in Wichita schools. My husband and I were both born and raised here.. We are crazy busy! 

My Top 3 Go-To Spots in Wichita: Eastminster Church, Warren 21, and The Candle Club

Casey C. Moms of Wichita

Full Time Work Outside the Home, first-time Mom 

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: Working mom that is married to a doctor with a varying schedule. I am also a cancer survivor (diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma in 2012). My whole life I’ve wanted to be a mom more than anything, so I am LOVING this adventure.

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: It’s amazing! It’s a very family friendly city with lots to do. You can get anywhere in the city in 30 minutes or less, and your money goes further than it would in many other places. I love that we get to experience all four seasons here. You can have it all here– big backyard with a garden and a swing set. Your kids can hit the pool in the summer and build a snowman in the winter. The zoo is top notch! I am also very proud of our YMCA facilities- they are clean and updated and have something for all ages. Oh– -and the Warren theaters are a unique and fun experience too!

The First 3 Words That Come To Mind When Hearing “Wichita”:  Home. Family. Entrepreneurship. 


Business-owning mom of three and new to the Wichita Area

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: After working for many years in a fast-paced investment industry, I had a hard time adjusting to full-time mom. I’ve learned how critical self-care is, as well as how to give myself (and my family) heaps of grace in the daily grind!

The First 3 Words That Come To Mind When Hearing “Wichita”: Creative. Friendly. Energizing. 

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: As of 18 months ago, I’d personally never been to Wichita! Moving from Dallas was a huge adjustment in all the best ways. This city is friendly, fun, innovative and beautiful…all against a family-oriented, slow-paced backdrop that is ideal for rearing little ones!

We hope you enjoyed that as much as we did! Thank you to Sally Cavanaugh Films and Photos for being the co-pilot of this project, and thank you to the Moms of Wichita who participated in this series (in the rain!)  

Sally Cavanaugh

Stay tuned for more from the Moms of Wichita next week! And we would LOVE to hear YOU. Share your story and follow along using:


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