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In light of Mother’s Day and in an effort to support Wichita Moms Blog’s mission to connect moms, we have partnered with Sally Cavanaugh Films and Photos to feature real moms through Moms of Wichita, a photo series showcasing the beauty, the story, and the reality of motherhood. 

Though we may differ in backgrounds, experiences, and parenting styles, we all share the common thread of motherhood and are truly in this together. The participants in this three-part series are loyal WMB readers and have agreed to share their stories. We hope you are able to connect with and relate to one or more of these inspiring women!

Michelle E.

Mom of three little ladies and one little boy adopted from Hong Kong 

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: Although we live in Newton, we spend most of our weekends with the kids in Wichita. We were surprised to find that Wichita has the same small town feel as our own city of newton. So many of the big draws to Wichita are family centered activities (museums, parks, festivals). Another thing we love is the experience Wichita offers us as a married couple. Date nights are without a doubt always in “the big city” that somehow manages to still feel small.

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: My worldview on motherhood has changed so much in six short years. I went from being a young newlywed to being a mom to this whole brood of children that keep me sane and insane simultaneously. Being a mom to three girls is a whole thing in and of itself. Being a mom to an adopted child is another. Being a mom to a child with Down Syndrome is another. Things get pretty interesting around here.

My Top 3 Things to Do in Wichita: Chic-fil-A Playplace, The Zoo, Milkfloat


Full time working mom of one little boy

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: Wichita is not just a city, it’s a community. It’ s a community filled with people of diverse backgrounds all coming together to make this place an interesting place to live. What I love most about it is that it’s small enough to feel warm and inviting but big enough to stay entertained and involved.

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: I work full-time outside of the home in a challenging career. I continue to learn how to balance being the best mom, succeeding at work, being involved in nonprofit work and maintaining my close relationships. Trying to fit it all in is near impossible. Some days it works and some days….it’s a disaster!

If I Could Go Back to When I Had My First Baby, I Would Tell Myself: I would tell myself to let others help you a little more and maybe to relax a bit. I am definitely a mom that feels like she always has to be ‘on’.

Amanda M. 

Mom of 16 month year old son (and mini schnauzer) and wife of (almost) 15 years

3 Words That Come to Mind When You Hear Wichita: Eclectic, Entrepreneurial, History.

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: My journey to motherhood is a long one…14 years long. My husband and I answered the call of Adoption over 2 years ago. We are so thankful for our little boy. He is our world and God’s gift. We don’t take a day for granted and we cherish every hug and kiss. When someone asks me about the process, I don’t sugar coat it. Thrilled that they are considering something so incredible? Yes. Gloss over the reality of the process? No. The journey to motherhood for most women is not an easy one. I’ve definitely learned that from reading the stories on the Wichita Moms Blog. We all have our highs and we all have our lows. It’s reassuring that we’re not alone in celebration or support.

My Top 3 Things to Do in Wichita: The Farmer’s Market, Elderslie Farm, Yia Yia’s Patio


Self-employed, community-loving, mom of 2 boys 

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: You can do everything…the easy commute times allow both work and parenting to happen here. You can work a full day (for one or both parents) and still get to events like WSU basketball games or have a nice dinner out or church or whatever your thing is… The city is so accommodating in the activities, the longer I live here (15 years now) the more I realize if you are into it, you can find it to get involved with here.

My Unique Perspective on Motherhood: I work 24/7 (Realtor life) but I still try to have a life and be a good mom.

My biggest guilty pleasure: “Full-fat” lattes at Reverie (they don’t believe in using reduced fat milk), dates at the Kansas Star casino, slipping in a cuss word at Junior League meetings…how do I pick just one?

Alexa D.

Mom of two and currently in the process of adopting from foster care

About Me: I am a working mom and wife. We have done foster care for the last 6 years (8 babies) and are in the process of finalizing our second adoption!

If I Could Go Back to When I Had My First Baby, I Would Tell Myself:  Breathe. It will be okay. You’ll make mistakes but it won’t be the end of the world.

What It’s Like Raising a Family in Wichita: I love raising a family here. There are a ton of resources available for kiddos with special needs as well as fun activities for the kids to do. We have lots of great places to go eat and amazing parks & playgrounds. Plus the best zoo!!!

Kala H. 

Mom of identical twin girls who works full time outside the home

About Me: I have identical twin girls, Emma and Amelia. They are two and keep my husband, Nathan, and I busy! It may be chaotic at times with double the trouble, but it is also double the love! We also have a standard poodle, Penny, who has become the girls best friend.

3 Words That Come to Mind When You Hear Wichita: Aviation, Family, Small.

If I Could Go Back to When I Had My First Babies, I Would Tell Myself:  It’s ok to ask for help and being overwhelmed is normal to go through. Don’t worry about how clean your house is and if you appear to look put together. Have people around you that don’t care if you have it all together and just care about being there for you and your family.

We hope you enjoyed that as much as we did! Thank you to Sally Cavanaugh Films and Photos for being the co-pilot of this project, and thank you to the Moms of Wichita who participated in this series!

Sally Cavanaugh

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