10 Engaging & Entertaining Books for Young Boys


Books have been a nightly ritual since our son was born. We were gifted an amazing library by our family and friends before he was born and have continued to add to it each year. Initially, the books were based on best seller lists and childhood favorites.

When our six-year-old started reading, I was struggling to get him engaged on wanting to read with me. He still wanted a book at bedtime, but he didn’t want to read any of it himself. In talking with other moms and some teachers, they gave me great advice. Buy books focused on topics that he likes.

For my son that means anything about the outdoors, fishing, nature or anything gross. So for all you boy moms with beginning readers or trying to get them engaged at bedtime, these are for you.

Dragons Love Tacos series. A delightful story of dragons loving tacos, but running into some issues when they get ahold of the spicy salsa.

What Should Danny Do? (The Power to Choose Series). Danny is working on his superhero powers and has the opportunity to make positive and negative choices throughout the book then see the consequence of each. Fun way to teach lessons, engage in discussions and get a lot of use out of one book.

National Geographic Kids Readers. Perfect for your little nature lover or a child who’s interested in animals.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates series. Two adorable books about a young dinosaur who’s classmates are children and her challenges to acclimate to the classroom.

An Elephant and Piggie Books. Classic books. Easy to read. The friendship between Gerald and Piggie is adorable.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. An absolutely hilarious twist on the traditional tale told from the wolf’s perspective.

Walter the Farting Dog. This had me belly laughing with our son. If you are easily offended by bodily functions and flatulence, this isn’t the book for you.

Attack of the Underwear Dragon. Such a cute book about a knight-in-training and being a small hero. Additional benefit, if your child is working on learning the difference with c and k this is a great book.

Dog Man series. Part dog, part man. These books are great for young readers and those on the cusp of reading who want a more in depth bedtime story.

The Bad Guy series. I am loving reading these with our son. From the same author as Dog Man, these bad guys just want a chance to be good.

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