Wichita’s Newest Innovation in Education: Learning Lab Is Now Offering Summer Classes

Sponsored by Learning Lab Wichita.

A new educational facility in Wichita is offering exciting learning opportunities for K-12 learners and educators!

Learning Lab Wichita is a collaborative hub and co-learning space for K-12 education. It was created to encourage and facilitate personalized learning, which is giving kids the tools they need to explore their needs, talents and interests.

Learning Lab opened in fall 2023 in a temporary space, and it has been offering a light programming schedule for K-12 students and educators. In September 2024, the doors to Learning Lab’s 16,000 square feet of permanent space inside Wichita’s historic Union Station will open to the public.

In addition to programming, Learning Lab Wichita will have membership options for families and educators, and it also will be the home to four different school models, who will host their daily learning inside the space.

An important way Learning Lab is contributing to the local education ecosystem is by hosting workshops and other learning opportunities open to any appropriately aged child, all taught by local education entrepreneurs. This June, Learning Lab is offering several learning opportunities for middle school and high school students. 

“We are seeking out innovative educators who are sharing opportunities that aren’t easy to find other places,” said Lydia Hampton, Learning Lab Wichita’s managing director. “Including community partners – like the Wichita Wind Surge partnering with us on this summer’s Sports Journalism with Wichita Wind Surge class – is a big part of what you will see happening at Learning Lab.”

Students with flexible school schedules, like homeschool and microschool students, have been able to take part in some of Learning Lab’s programming this spring. Learning Lab has offered learning opportunities like a series of Entrepreneurship classes taught by Empowered and a science series taught by Left Brain Fun’s Abbie Griffith.

“Left Brain Fun’s science classes are often messy but always engaging”, said Wichita parent Jaime Snider.

Our kids are excited to attend classes with their peers and share their learnings with us,” Jaime said. “We are so appreciative of the time and energy Abbie puts into designing and sourcing these hands-on learning opportunities and grateful that Learning Lab fosters an educational environment that encourages children to be themselves and show their enthusiasm.”

Learning Lab plans to continue partnering with innovative education entrepreneurs to offer an interesting variety of programming options for K-12 learners.

In the future, Learning Lab will offer programming for ages 5-18, but this summer’s programs heavily focus on middle school and high school.

Summer Schedule 2024

Physics with Left Brain Fun
10-11:30 a.m., July 10-12, grades K-5, $60

Elementary students, come test out some laws of physics with Left Brain Fun this July! We’ll play around with centripetal force, gravity, friction, inertia and Newton’s Laws of Motion. Get ready for some upside down water, inertia hats, balloon races and the infamous tablecloth yank. How does that work, anyway?? We will find out!

Printmaking, with Butler County Artist Jennifer Callaway
1-3:30 p.m., June 3-5, grades 6-12, $75

Enjoy the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of printmaking, which is creating artwork by engraving blocks of material and using them to print. Participants will leave having created their own print. 

True Compass Assessment Day
9 a.m. June 13, grades 10-12, $495

Is your student stressed about choosing a career or college major? Help them learn more about their strengths and feel confident in their next steps! This assessment helps high school students see their strengths objectively through timed exercises (vs. self-assessed quizzes), articulate what they do well, and match their natural talents to best fit careers.

American Sign Language with Flying Hands
9:30-10:30 a.m., Session 1: Thursdays in June, $60; Session 2: Tuesdays in July, $60

Learn the basics of American Sign language. Practice, review, engage in fun activities and learn to be conversational.

Sports Journalism at Wind Surge, with local sports reporter Joanna Chadwick
June 25-27, $125

Get a taste of life as a professional sports journalist at this hands-on summer learning experience where local sports reporter Joanna Chadwick will lead students through live journalism coverage of a Wichita Wind Surge game. Partake in a guided tour of Riverfront Stadium, and then learn about journalism inside the stadium’s Baseball Museum. Take advantage of VIP access on game day and learn to cover a baseball game.

To sign up for any of our learning opportunities, visit www.golearninglab.org/events/

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