Active Tot Spots in Wichita


My two year old is one on-the-move little guy. When we aren’t relaxing and playing at home, we love to visit some places around town to get out all that energy and work on his motor skills. As I went through my list, revisting some places and discovering some new spots, I am amazed at all our city has to offer! This is not an all inclusive list, but simply some places I’ve visited with my toddler.

If you aren’t a Wichitian, just hop online and look for similar places in your town. Our most frequented places are parks, and we usually save the places that cost money for special events or just a once a month thing.

Toddler Friendly Parks in Wichita

By “toddler friendly” I mean I don’t have to climb up there with my son. He can go up and have fun with me on the ground supervising. A surprising thing I learned about myself recently was that I am not a “helicopter” parent, which is hilarious to me. I am a type A sort of gal, so for me to relax on the sidelines and even {gasp} sit down on the bench, makes me smirk. Of course after awhile, my son drags me up on the equipment if there are no new friends around.

Active Tot Spots in ICT

  • Augusta’s Playpark Pointe – half of this castle park is toddler friendly and the other half isn’t bad either, bonus points for all enclosed!
  • Bel Aire Park – has a nice play area plus a sand area with swings!
  • Bel Aire’s Eagle Lake Park – Great slides and lots of up/down activity plus sand! Great walking area too around a lake nearby.
  • Andover’s Cornerstone Park – This was awesome, lots of slides and up/down stairs, great grassy area and covered picnic area plus a nice neighborhood nearby for a walk.

Active Tot Spots in ICT

  • Riverside Park – Has a fountain/water play area plus a playground with a few toddler friendly pieces. 

Indoor Play Areas for Toddler in Wichita

Regardless of the weather outside, our city has some great indoor options too that range in prices. This is great for rainy days and during the winter, as well as a break from the heat.

  • Town East Mall Play Area – Some tunnels, some climbing, a little slide. It can get busy which makes me a bit antsy, I just make sure to keep my eyes on my son at all times while he runs around.
  • Chick Fil A – We love this place – a fun meal plus time in the play area is awesome.

Active Tot Spots in ICT

  • My Gym – has “Practice & Play” or open gym a few times a week and if you aren’t a member the entry fee is $8.00 per kiddo and you get 1 hour. They can tumble, jump and get all that energy out in a safe environment. We love this place!
  • YMCA Pools – Indoor all year, outdoor waterparks are seasonal. This would take a membership or cost $18 for a family day pass. For our family, it’s a bit much to swing the fee all year so we saved up and have a membership for the time that the waterparks are open. I asked, and apparently a lot of people do this so it’s not tacky. We just signed up when they had a sale and only spent a little for the membership fee (normally $50).

Active Tot Spots in ICT

  • Jumpy Jump Land – has open jump sessions for just $5, which is awesome. We went to a birthday party here recently and even my 2 year old loved it. It’s basically a room full of inflatables. Unfortunately, the jump sessions don’t really work for us because they are throughout the week while I am at work and during naptime on the weekend. But a great option worth mentioning if it works for your schedule.
  • Get Air Wichita, Urban Air, and Aviate are all great indoor bounce options when you’re looking for some indoor activities.

Check out our popular 10 Best Places for Indoor Fun in Wichita for more ideas!

Attractions for Toddlers in Wichita

For special occasions (or if you have a membership, more often) going to a Wichita area attraction is great. We have museums, zoos and more.

  • Sedgwick County Zoo is a great place to walk and explore and getting a membership definitely pays for itself. We had a membership for one year and will probably pick one up again in the future. There is of course the animals, plus some great interactive exhibits like the petting zoo areas, plus there are random peacocks walking around which is neat.

Active Tot Spots in ICT

  • Botanica is also a great place to walk and explore. I think this place is even more toddler friendly than the zoo, as there is a big kid area with musical instruments and other fun tot stuff. They also offer a membership that is more affordable than the zoo.
  • All Star Wichita -The rides! I can’t wait to check this one out with my son soon. I’ve been here before in the past, but not with my little guy.
  • Tanganyika Wildlife Park – Another one on my bucket list to revisit with my son. This place is way more personal than the zoo and pretty neat!


  1. I wanna add another perfect toddler spot: there’s a nice playground near Exploration Place called Exploration Park. They have three age grouped playgrounds and a big sand playing area.

    • Thank you – that IS an excellent spot! We have referenced that park in several of our local posts – it’s such a great park!

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