Adoption in Kansas: Where to Start

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The thought of adopting can be overwhelming. Who do I talk to? Who can I trust? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Many questions cross your mind when you are considering adoption. The good news is that the answers aren’t far away…and neither is your child.

Start Talking

Tell your friends and family you are interested in adopting. Their support is important – and without a doubt, some of them have adopted. Ask questions. Share your fears. Listen to their experiences. Find out about their journey and keep an open mind. There is no right or wrong way to adopt. The possible roads to your child are about as countless as google search results for “adoption.”

Adoption in Kansas

More good news! Kansas is a great place to adopt. A biological mother may sign her consent to adoption 12 hours after birth, shortening the waiting time at the hospital. A consent is final upon signature in Kansas. There is no revocation period. Finally, an adoption can be finalized immediately which means we typically finalize an adoption in 2-3 weeks. These are just a few reasons that make Kansas a great place to adopt.

Your Adoption Team

Understanding the role of agencies, facilitators and attorneys is key. Just like anything, there are pros and cons to working with agencies, facilitators or attorneys. There are great agencies and…not so great agencies. Kansas law does not require that you work with an agency. Before signing up with anyone, do diligent research. Talk to many different groups. Do not go to a seminar and write a check on the spot. Understand the fee structure, how matches are made, how many matches they complete a year, what a ‘failed’ adoption looks like financially, who will be your contact person, who is in charge, etc. Talk to adoption attorneys. Get their take on things. Find someone you connect with. Adoption is a BIG deal. It will be stressful. It is imperative you trust the people that form your team.

Cost of Adoption

The total cost of an adoption varies greatly. Some factors that can impact the cost: how the match was made, the birth mother’s needs during pregnancy, whether an agency was involved, the birth father’s status, whether the child has any Indian heritage, does the mother live out of state? We have seen some adoptions cost less than $15,000 while others have cost over $40,000. Determining the budget you are comfortable with will be an important step in your journey.  It will impact what matches you are considered for and who will make up your adoption team. Finally, don’t forget about the Adoption Tax Credit!


We’ve all heard adopting can take years. Don’t believe it. Some families’ journeys may take years, but yours doesn’t have to. My favorite call to make to an adoptive couple is not only to let them know that they have been chosen by a birth mother, but that the baby is waiting for them at the hospital. In our experience, we typically match families within a year and some are matched the day we receive their paperwork. The matching process is very much dependent on the facts and situations that surround the birth mother and potential child. You must do what is right for your family, but the more open-minded you are, the quicker you will have a baby in your arms.

Becoming a parent is scary no matter how you arrive at parenthood. Adoption is no different. The risks and JOY are real.

We say adoption is like a rollercoaster. If your goal is becoming a parent, it can be the best ride you will ever get on.

Martin Pringle’s Adoption Attorneys have more than 50 years-experience representing adoptive parents and birth mothers. We are dedicated to the goal of connecting the right adoptive parents with birth mothers seeking a loving home for their child. From start to finish, Martin Pringle’s adoption attorneys will be by your side.



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