9 Ways to Celebrate a Sweet and Well-Rounded Pi Day on March 14th


A holiday that celebrates the beauty and wonder of math with an excuse to eat? That’s this sweet-toothed teacher’s dream day.

From PiDay.org, “Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.”  

I have always loved math.  I like the consistency of it and how it really truly is all around us if we look for it.  One of my top goals as a teacher is to encourage students to appreciate math, even if they’ve decided they don’t like it.  So, imagine my thrill when I checked in to the hospital 4 years ago with contractions, and they confirmed I would be having my C-Section on PI DAY!  We would have a beautiful baby boy, AND he was destined to be a genius. No pressure, James.  

Pi and Pie really have no relation in their etymology.  Pi is a Greek Symbol and “pie” comes from Old English and magpies.  Somehow, though, pies are round, and Pi relates to circles. A match made in heaven.  

I would say pie is a top 5 favorite food in our home.  On Independence Day two years ago, our ancient oven caught on fire while the quintessential apple and blueberry pies were baking.  Not wanting to take my eyes off of the sparks, I yelled for Olivia to “GO GET DADDY! THE OVEN IS ON FIRE!”  I am not exaggerating an iota when I say that my 6 year old stopped dead in front of me, tilted her head to the side, and questioned, “So… no pie?” 

Pie is pretty V.I.P. here.  

Check out some ways you can enjoy a mathematically fantastic Pi Day with your family. 

1. YouTube

Our kiddos spend so much time on YouTube these days.  Why not watch some fun videos learning something new?  Everyone will have a greater appreciation for the day with a bit of background from Math Antics or TedEd.  

2. Memorize Digits of Pi

Pi is a fascinating number because the digits have absolutely no pattern and never end, just like a circle! The 2019 movie Wonderpark shows a bus full of math loving children singing the digits of Pi while headed to math camp.  Impress your friends. Learn the first 100 digits with this version to the tune of Hall of the Mountain King.  

3. Eat Pie

Have you tried Peace, Love, and Pie?  Pi Day is the perfect opportunity! All slices of pie on March 14th will be $3.14!  That’s a sweet deal if I ever heard one. 


4. Eat Pizza

Feeling more savory than sweet?  Oak and Pie will also be serving up $3.14 slices.  Or BOTH is an option. You do you.  

5. Play with Your Food

Use washi tape and toothpicks to make flags for your pie or pizza, and mark special circle vocabulary words before you eat.  

6. Spin in Circles at 1:59

This is a simple and prep-free way to bring some joy to Pi Day.  Pro-Tip: Do this at 1:59 PM…and not after eating.  

Learn the Other Letters of the Greek Alphabet

The Greek Alphabet is used in so many places!  When your kids start to recognize them, they will pop up everywhere! 


March is also Women’s Month.  Watch this TedX talk about girls in math or read about some female mathematicians we should all know about. 

Plan your next Math Holiday 

Having fun with the limitless (see what I did there?) possibilities of Pi Day?  Check out other mathematical days to enjoy with the whole family!