The Independent School: A Unique Education for Wichita Students

This article is sponsored by The Independent School in Wichita KS.

Uniquely you, uniquely independent.  Isn’t that the dream of all parents for their children? At The Independent School, this is not just a slogan but the history and practice of this very special educational site. From the initial vision of Jean Garvey at its very inception, TIS has thought of education as holistic, opportunity-driven and guided by the strengths that each of our students bring with them.

College Prep at TIS

The small class size fosters a rigorous curriculum as teachers can and do aid their students in gaining knowledge. The classical definition of learning is “a permanent change in behavior.” From reading to math mastery, students are taught how to engage with lessons, encode them into their memories and then find easy paths of retrieval. This is best practice.

There is a coordination among all three levels of schooling at TIS that aligns the growth of intellect in a spiral fashion. Key concepts are presented from the earliest levels of the Lower School and then are reintroduced repeatedly throughout the Middle and Upper Schools with increasing complexity and integration to all content areas. This results in students being prepared for the rigors of a robust AP class menu and for the ultimate test of a preparatory education:  the acceptance to universities and colleges.

Student Life at TIS

Students are encouraged to and do take advantage of a wide array of activities and athletics. Students are taught holistically and the idea of being well-rounded is embraced and emphasized. Education is not just limited to a classroom setting but rather is underscored on stages for drama and music, in art shows and literary magazines, in helping other students and the school community and on all fields of athletic competition. 

The lessons are keen and simple:  competition begets a winning mindset and goal-setting. Learning to work with others is how teams and activities flourish. Being a good loser is as important as being a good winner with the idea that experience builds confidence and pathways to excellence. These are not just idle words but are rather the real-life, real-time lessons that our students partake of every day within the boundaries of TIS.

New Pre-Med Track at TIS

One of the most unique opportunities that TIS is offering begins in the upcoming school year of 2023-24.  The campus is offering a Pre-Med track for incoming 9th graders. It is a program that requires students to apply and to be accepted which is preparatory to the whole post high school system. It will be a dual credit, college bound curriculum in conjunction with Newman University. The uniqueness of this offering is that the labs and setting will be professional grade and state of the art. 

Students who already have career goals set in place will be able to funnel their passion and love for medical science into the entire Upper School experience. This is just the beginning of a grand plan to incorporate different tracks into the usual array of programs. To follow will be an engineering track and a business track. Exciting ideas for creating independence among learners and their choice of study.

The beauty of TIS is not just limited to the physical campus or to the courses and opportunities offered.  This school is a community and a family. Parents and grandparents are involved.  TIS students look out for each other. The campus is a safe, sane environment where everyone is free to be who they are authentically. Jean Garvey would be proud of where her vision is resting at this point.  

The Independent School provide a superior, independent, college preparatory education, serving a diverse student population in a safe, supportive community, conducive to the intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of each Independent student.

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