To the Mom Whose Kids Are Always Sick


Dear mamas of sick littles,

You are not alone. I, too, once had kids who never seemed to be well. Every other week I had to call in to work. The weeks in between I played rock, paper, scissors with the hubs to determine who would be the next one on call. I cried. A lot. With my kids, without my kids, in the shower, on the way to work. All the time, because how could they be sick again?

Daycare kids get a bad rap and working parents are doing it all wrong – that’s how I felt. I lived through two kids who caught every darn thing that someone would bring to daycare. One lived through a tumultuous 3 week period of the Rotovirus followed by Hand, Foot and Mouth followed by him passing that on to his unsuspecting mama. The other lived through the worst ear infections I have ever seen (including MRSA in his ear after a set of tubes were placed in his ear) and getting 3 sets of tubes and adenoids removed all before the ripe ol’ age of 2. He was supposed to be my good, breastfed-until-almost-a-year-old baby. Ha!

I think the worst part you will face as a parent with sick kids is the unknown. What is happening to them? Are they going to be ok? Is this something that needs to be seen now (at 2am) and can’t wait until the morning? You figure it out but in creeps one more problem…how long do they need to stay home? This is the age old question, especially for working parents. If you keep them home an additional day they will be fine and driving you crazy by the time you get dressed. But if you don’t keep them home, even though they were fever and vomit-free when you walked out the door, you can guarantee that you get a phone call from the daycare by the time you hit your desk. It’s almost always a lose-lose situation.

I am now on the other side of the Sick Little Stage, and just to let you know, it will be ok. We are almost a year removed from any sick days taken.  This too shall pass and all that jazz. There will be sick days because kids are gross. I can say that right? We’re all friends. The kids are going to be alright. Just keep fighting the good fight (against germs) and repeat, “I am a good mom.” Because you are and you are rocking this whole motherhood thing.


A Mom in the Trenches