The Privilege of Quarantine


We are home, we are safe, and we are healthy. The longer my family stays home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the more I realize that what it takes to do our part in this crisis is a privilege.

I am so grateful to those working on the front lines, whether in medicine, grocery stores, or any other essential business. Thanks to them, I know that the sick are being cared for. Thanks to them, I can use my phone to order just about anything I want from a dozen eggs to a bottle of wine and simply drive up and have it placed in my car. Thanks to them, my packages are getting delivered and my craving for tacos is still being met.

I recognize not everyone is as lucky. Other countries do not have the luxury of buying essentials or fun things on an app with a pick-up option. And not every country is allowing people on the roads or streets without permission.

Everyday I’m also aware of how lucky we are to live in a house with a yard, and for the most part have great weather. I often think of those living in bigger cities, inside apartments trying to work from home and do online learning with their children. It’s a daily struggle for my family to all get of our work done without fights or tears and we each have plenty of space to work and relax. Plus  anytime we feel a little cooped up, we open the door and ride bikes or shoot baskets on the driveway.

Living in Wichita has always had its perks in my opinion, but all of this space is something I’m valuing more and more.

I’m also in awe at the sense of community this crisis has built. Our neighborhood has never felt more alive. I have waved and said hi to more new people in the last month than the last ten years. I’ve had neighbors leave treats on the porch just to brighten our days. Friends and family getting creative to celebrate birthdays with drive by parades or Zoom happy hours prove that we won’t let anything stop us from connecting and supporting one another.

And then there’s social media – right now I’m appreciating this platform more than  ever because it is doing what it was created to do. It’s a more positive place helping provide connection, ideas to bust boredom and simply show that we are all in this together.

I know this time at home with the economy shutdown is not all positive. People are losing their jobs, wages are being cut, and many are struggling to pay their bills. We are under financial stress, we are isolated, all while trying to keep our kids educated and entertained. It’s a lot and it’s stressful. But with so much out of our control, I’m trying to remain focused on the positive.

I’m home, I have the time to stop and smell the spring flowers blooming outside. I’m home, I get slower mornings and extra snuggles with my kids. I’m home, I can try that new recipe I set aside months ago.

We are home, we are safe, we are healthy and I’m not losing sight how lucky we are during this challenging time.