To All The Nurses Who Helped Me Become a Mom

When I first found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to share in this time with my friends. We shared pregnancy symptoms, funny (and sometimes interesting) stories we had as our bellies grew, and overall encouragement as we navigated this new world of having babies. I loved the sisterhood this gave me with my current friends, but never did I imagine the friendships I’d gain with the amazing nurses who helped me become a mom. 

To the nurse who excitedly welcomed me back to the room at our first appointment, I’ll never forget your kind smiles. You answered the hundreds (thousands) of questions I had in between appointments and never made me feel like an inconvenience. You celebrated with me when we hit new milestones and shared stories of your own babies to give me encouragement. When it was decided at what turned out to be my final appointment that I was heading into labor and delivery to have my baby and nerves began to hit me hard, you never faltered in reassurance that everything would be ok. Thank you for being the steady hand throughout my pregnancy. You will forever be a part of our family’s story.
To the nurses in labor and delivery who welcomed me in with enthusiasm and confidence, I’ll always appreciate your humor and optimism. You were so clearly professional in your attention to detail in making sure my baby and I were OK, but you carried on with a calm and casual conversation to keep me feeling relaxed. You cheerfully wheeled me back to have my baby, and constantly made sure I was as comfortable as I could be. You snuggled my baby with such love as you wrapped her up and placed her on me. You held my hair back when I was sick after delivery and were quick to respond when my body struggled. You never left my side, and you’ll never leave my heart. I’m incredibly thankful you were with me.
To the postpartum nurse, you carried the heavy load of not only taking care of me physically, but mentally. When our hospital stay turned out to be longer than we hoped, you sat on my bed and held me in a hug while I cried. You listened as I processed all of my feelings and reassured me I was doing a great job as a mother. You checked my vitals constantly, but also checked in on my heart as I bounced back and forth from joy to uncertainty. You brought me water and ice around the clock, while also bringing me peace. You stepped in when we had questions for doctors to advocate for what was best for my baby and me. You will always be my hero. 
To the nurses at our pediatrician’s office, you were the first to see our new baby in the real world, away from the hospital. You cheered us on as she got back up to birth weight and immediately made us feel like we were in good hands to work together to keep my child healthy in the years to come. You are amazing cheerleaders. 
I know I wouldn’t be where I am today in this journey of motherhood without these incredible nurses. I’m so appreciative of their knowledge and experience, but even more so I’m thankful for their friendship they offered me along the way. 
Liz Ewing
Liz lives in West Wichita with her husband, Shane, and their two kiddos, Brynn (October '15) and Beckett (December '17). Liz loves her job as a Kindergarten teacher in the same district she grew up attending as a child herself. When she is not chasing after small children, Liz enjoys her coffee black (bonus points if it's still warm!), her wine red, attending church with her family, long lunches to catch up with her girlfriends, and exploring new restaurants and ice cream spots with her hubby on date nights.