How to Get Your Body Moving While Working From Home


I had never worked from home before the stay at home order was put in place. Aside from the basic adjustments of WFH with a five-year-old and husband in the background, I had no idea how easy it is to become sedentary. I quickly discovered I had to get moving.

My physical place of work is spacious and the nature of our set up is that you end up moving around quite a bit during the day. Around 2,000 steps a day just walking around the office from meeting to meeting. Plus, I would usually walk on the treadmill each morning for another 5,000 steps.

I quickly realized I was averaging only 1,500 steps a day total the first week WFM started. Being out of my morning walk routine and primarily sitting at the dining room table for hours on end, I was getting sore, sluggish and a little on edge. Sound familiar? Looking for motivation? Here are some ideas that have been tested and approved by this mom.   

You’ve Got to Move It, Move It

Set your alarm to take breaks during the morning, lunch and afternoon. It’s so easy to get caught up in the barrage of emails, Zoom calls and status updates. It’s important to force yourself to get up and move around.

10 Minute Walks

It’s amazing how a 10 minute walk can clear your mind. Plus, you might be surprised when you read about the health benefits of a short walk like those listed on LiveStrong.

Bike Around the Neighborhood

Get out and stretch your legs. A quick cruise around the neighborhood can get your blood pumping and give you a chance to enjoy nature. Riding your bike for even 10 minutes can lower your stress levels.

Use Your Lunch Break for Family Fitness or Self Care

One of my favorite parts of WFH has been taking lunch bike rides with our son. It’s a highlight of the day for both of us. When WFH started, he didn’t really care for his bike and had probably only ridden it a dozen times. With all the riding during lunch, he was able to ditch his training wheels after 30 days.

On the flip side, maybe you need a break. If you have the luxury of alone time during lunch, spend 30 minutes on stretching and cardio to help you refocus for the rest of the day.

Step It Up

If Mother Nature isn’t cooperating or you simply can’t leave the house, try using the stairs. According to Step Jockey, seven minutes stair climbing a day can halve the risk of heart attack over 10 years. Search for “stair challenge” online and you’ll find endless options.

Let’s Play Chase

Nothing gets your blood pumping like a good game of chase with your littles. Last week my son said, “Mom, chase me.” And I did. Why not?

Put on Your PE Teacher Hat

Get some exercise in for the kids and yourself. Jumping jacks, push ups, squats or even an obstacle course with objects from around the house.

Track Your Steps

You don’t have to have a special watch to track your steps. I keep my phone in my pocket to get a ballpark count. If you want to push yourself, there are plenty of 10,000 step challenges you can find online.

How are you keeping active while working from home?