The Best Coffee Shops in Every Wichita Neighborhood

Leslie Coffee Co. in Delano

If you’ve ever been out and about in an unfamiliar part of town wishing you had a hot cup of coffee in your hand, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all our favorite coffee shops in Wichita listed by neighborhood!

Coffee Shops in Downtown/Midtown Wichita

  • Reverie Coffee Roasters
    • Two locations: 2202 E. Douglas Ave.  and in the Advanced Learning Library at 711 W. 2nd St.  
    • A highly-informal reader poll suggests that Reverie is one of Wichita’s most-favored local coffee shops.  Their drinks are as beautiful as they are tasty!
  • Leslie Coffee Co. – 930 W. Douglast, Ste. A 
    • Right in the heart of Delano, Leslie Coffee has such a fun modern vibe with the most beautiful teal ceiling and has a small private room in the back. Be sure to look closely for the iconic ICT wallpaper.
  • Pennant Coffee – 2721 E. Central (in Revolutsia)
    • This little shop is worth the extra effort to park & hop on up to the second story location. Selling coffee drinks, rich hot chocolate, and breakfast items (baked goods provided by local PeeWee Sweets), you can save 15% off your tab by pre-ordering online. If you want to dine in, pop next door to Good Company (same ownership) and have a seat!
  • Las Adelitas Cafe – 120 E. 1st St.
    • Latin and Mexican heritage coffee shop uniquely infusing cultural flavors into their sips & snacks!
  • Espresso To Go Go – 102 N. St. Francis 
  • Mokas – 143 N. McLean right next to the Advanced Learning Library!
  • Coffee Daze – 3236 E. Douglas ave, Suite 100 in College Hill (just past the intersection of Douglas & Hillside)
  • Common Grounds Coffee House – 2812 E. Douglas Ave.
    • Common Grounds Coffee House is geared towards providing an environment of coffee-drinking and fellowship.
  • Scooter’s Coffee – Three midtown locations:  (1) 801 E. Douglas Ave., Suite #110; (2) 311 N. Washington; and (3) 3100 W. McCormick St. (Newman University).
    • Most are familiar with the Midwestern coffee chain and its iconic kiosk-style buildings that are sprinkled throughout the city.  Scooter’s prides itself on high-quality drinks, speedy service, and friendly staff.
  • R Coffee House – 1144 N. Bitting
    • Although it is in the former “Riverside Perk” location, this is an entirely new business!  It has undergone a complete remodel and is under new ownership and management.  Take your kids to Riverside Park and then grab some joe on the way home!
  • The Vagabond – 614 W. Douglas
    • Coffee shop by day, full-service bar by night.  I think that covers all the food groups!
  • Papa’s General Store – 3700 E. Douglas (Clifton Square)
    • Coffee, ice cream & more!
  • The Donut Whole – 1720 E. Douglas St.
    • Although the Donut Whole is better known for its donuts, it also features fresh, house-blend coffee and espresso.
  • Starbucks
    • 2166 N. Amidon Ave. (Twin Lakes)
Pennant Coffee in Revolutsia

Coffee Shops in East Wichita

  • Il Primo Expresso Cafe – 6422 E. Central Ave.
    • Il Primo is a long-standing east Wichita favorite among coffee drinkers–and they even have a drive-through, which we all know is essential for moms!  You can even take your kiddos in and treat them to a mocha steamer.
  • Scooter’s Coffee – 3123 N. Rock Rd.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – 11310 E. 21st St. N.
    • This is another one that requires little explanation.  It may be known for its donuts, but its coffee is a close second!
  • Starbucks – Need I say more?
    • 8008 E. Central Ave.
    • 7707 E. Central Ave. (Dillon’s)
    • 3000 N. Rock Rd.
    • 3707 N. Woodlawn (Dillon’s)
    • 2244 N. Rock Rd. Ct. (Dillon’s)
    • 10800 E. 21st St. N. (Target)
  • Cocoa Dolce – 2132 N. Rock Rd. (Bradley Fair)
  • LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee – 3130 N. Rock Rd.
    • LaMar’s is a Kansas City-based chain with 3 locations on the east, west, and south sides of Wichita.  Although it is first and foremost a donut shop, their beverage menu should not be overlooked if you are on the hunt for a caffeine fix.
  • Caffe Americana – 4600 W Kellogg Dr
    • Located in Towne West Square this shop offers sweet treats in addition to coffee drinks!

Coffee Shops in West Wichita

  • Aroma Coffeehouse – 7348 W. 21st
    • This beautifully Instagrammable shop offers delicious sips, tasty treats, and live music! A true gem on the west side – and super close to the zoo!
  • Carpe Diem Cafe – 8643 W. Central
    • A coffee shop with a unique mission! Carpe Diem trains and employees those with special needs, those in difficult life situations, and those who might otherwise struggle to find and maintain steady employment. 
  • Kookaburra Coffee – 9414 W Central 
    • Kookaburra boasts a gorgeous interior and a quick drive-through for moms on the go! Tasty menu items for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack
  • The Bean Scene – Two locations (1) 8606 W. 13th St. N., Suite 120; and (2) “The Bean Scene II” at 4935 W. Central Ave, Suite 110.
  • Paradise Donuts & Coffeehouse – 10607 W. Maple St.
    • If you want to try Reverie’s beans but are on the west side, Paradise features coffee and espresso made with Reverie beans!  {The donut/ice cream treat featured on Paradise’s Facebook page looks ah-mazing.}
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – 333 S. West St.
  • LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee – 10051 W. 21st St. N
  • Scooter’s Coffee – Three west-side locations: (1) 7399 W. Central Ave. (Central Heights Shopping Mall); (2) 13335 W. Maple St.; and (3) 3480 N. Ridge Rd.
  • Starbucks
    • 2241 N. Maize Rd., A-1 (New Market Square)
    • 2727 N. Maize Rd. (Target)
    • 583 S. West
    • 7575 W. Maple St.
    • 10515 W. Central Ave.
    • 8971 W. Central Ave.
    • 14415 W. Maple St. (Dillon’s)
  • Want Bierock Company & Coffee House– 2615 W. 13th St. N.
  • Sojourner’s Coffee House – 7130 W Maple, Suite 280
    • Coffee with a purpose! In addition to coffee, they aim to provide a safe and peaceful place for anyone to come and find community and support. They host small groups and events focused on active duty service members, veterans and their families to share, learn, and grow.

Coffee Shops in South Wichita

  • Churn and Burn – 548 S. Oliver St.
    • Churn and Burn takes a unique twist on coffee and prides itself on ice cream and coffee combos called “Churn & Burns.”  I think this covers all the main food groups.
  • LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee  – 3301 E. Harry St.
  • Starbucks
    • 1600 S. Rock Rd.
    • 4747 S. Broadway St.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – 2299 S. Airport Rd.
    • It might be cheating to call this “south Wichita,” but don’t forget to check out Dunkin’ Donuts inside the new terminal at Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport!
  • Java Villa Cafe – 7812 E. Harry St.
    • This shop is located near Harry and Rock and features espresso drinks, coffee, tea, made-from-scratch pies, and a number of lunch items.

Out-of-Town and Noteworthy

  • Buffalo Brew Coffee Company (Valley Center) – 1550 S. Meridian
    • Delicious coffees, frappes, and lemonade creations as well as seasonal treats! Pop in for a drink and then hit the other neighboring shops for a fun afternoon!
  • Moxi Junction (Maize) – 319 S. Park
    • Moxi Junction is incredibly unique and has so many things to love, from its location inside a charming remodeled home and employ
      coffee shops Derby KS
      Sally Cavanaugh Photography

      ment of special needs adults and teens.  Try the Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee–you will not be disappointed!

  • BrewCo. Coffeehouse (El Dorado) – 142 N. Main
    • Our resident El Dorado contributor adores BrewCo. and swears by their Mango Green Tea Smoothie.  Bonus :: They are mom-friendly and have even been known to offer curbside service to allow a mom to avoid waking a sleeping baby!
  • Jane’s Landing (Mulvane) – 1002 N. 2nd Ave.
    • This relatively-new shop has already garnered quite a following.  They even have delicious sparking lemonades for the non-coffee drinker (if such a mom exists).
  • Rusted Rooster (Andover) – 837 N. Andover Rd.
    • It’s not just coffee! Grab a quick lunch or dinner and stay to shop their vintage finds!
  • Cofellow Coffee Parlour (Goddard) – Opening in May 2023! The perfect spot for coffee with a friend or ladies Bible study.
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