Where to get Wichita’s Best French Fries


My very favorite vegetable is the potato (yes, I checked it is a vegetable).  I love a potato diced, cubed, mashed, baked, gnocchied, but especially fried. A golden, crispy, freshly fried, french fry can really take your average meal up a notch, I’m looking at you steak frites.  Wichita has some amazing and unique french fry options and Wichitans feel strongly about who has the best in town. So, let’s talk french fries and round up some of the best in Wichita. 

Fast and Fresh

When asking locals to Wichita where they drive through to get the best freshly fried french fries Barn’rds, Braum’s, Freddy’s and Spangles are sure to be mentioned.  If you are looking for shoestring skinny fries Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has got you covered (be sure to try the fry sauce for the perfect dipper). Cult following, that is how I would describe the reaction to Barn’rds Restaurant’s crispy, salty, with maybe a hint of garlic golden fries, while you’re there grab a Barnstormer for the perfect roast beef sandwich. 

Not Your Average Fry

Not all French fries are intended to serve in a supporting role. The Anchor and Norton’s offer up French fries demand to be center stage. From Poutine, to my favorite the Haystack, French fries at The Anchor are far more than a side dish. The Haystack is a juicy burger piled high with golden French fries topped with house made quest all resting atop a piece of Texas toast. I mean what is not to love but if you want to take it to the next level substitute traditional fries for sweet potato does to take this to die for dish to the next level. Norton’s Brewery doesn’t just have great beer they also have a whole section of their menu dedicated to their French fry options. If you are on the hunt for a unique over the top option the Spicy Cluckin’ Egg Fries are sure to catch your eye. Just covering their already delicious fries in pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, and ranchero chicken would be enough to make your mouth water but then they top the whole thing with not one, but two fried eggs. What’s not to love?  

Bougie Fries

When I was growing up I do not recall there being such a thing as fancy fries but I let me tell you fancy fries exist, and they are amazing. Truffle fries are like taking your typical French fry and dressed them up in a tuxedo. Georges French Bistro serves their truffle fries with an amazing steak frites that is not to be missed. The Flying Stove’s truffle fries are some of the best you will get out of a food truck and Dempsey’s are the perfect start to any meal. Public dresses up their house fries with the perfect blend of garlic and rosemary that their cumin ketchup and mustard aioli are not even necessary (but don’t pass them up1). 

Sweet Spuds

Sweet potato fries for sure need a category all their own, but choosing the best is nearly impossible. As I mentioned before The Anchor’s Haystack with sweet potato fries is one of my very favorite guilty pleasures. Dempsey’s Burger Pub offers sweet potato fries tossed in either sea salt or cinnamon sugar. Can you even imagine cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries, I can and now I’m hungry. The only fries I’m ordering when visiting Fizz Burgers and Bottles are the sweet potato fries. While they are delicious on their own in my humble opinion the only way to enjoy these sweetly fried bits is by dipping them in one of Fizz’s 7 dipping sauces, my pick is always the pecan for some added sweetness. 

With so many options you can’t go wrong, but tell me did I miss your favorite Wichita fry stop?