Best Sledding Hills in Wichita for Kids


Make sure you’re ready for snow! What better way to spend a school-free Snow Day than chillin’ at some of our team’s favorite sledding hills in Wichita? Scroll down for a map!

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Best Sledding Hills in Wichita

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College Hill Park

You’ll find the hill just on the south side of Douglas, across the street from Blessed Sacrament Church. Closest coffee: Flavors Coffee & Ice Cream Bar

Sedgwick County Park

A super safe hill with no cars around – you’ll find this hill it near the northwest corner off the park! Closest coffee: Hurts Donut.

Cracker Barrel on West Kellogg

A west-side favorite because it’s so steep – but keep an eye out for cars (at the top) and the little ditch at the bottom of the hill! Closest coffee: Ecclesia Coffee Shop.

Mid-America All-Indian Center

This hidden gem is just north of the parking lot! Closest coffee: Leslie Coffee Co.

Charles Koch Arena

WSU has a great hill south of Koch arena and the football stadium! Closest coffee: Fairmount Coffee, Credo Coffee & Starbucks

Oliver & George Washington Blvd.

For y’all on the south side! This hill is near the soccer fields. Closest coffee: Kwik Shop across the street!

wichita sled sledding hills

A Short Drive from ICT

El Dorado Lake Dam

Closest Coffee: Brew Co. Coffeehouse

McCall’s Hill in Ark City

Just of Summit & Edgemont Drive, behind Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church. Closest coffee: Steamy Joe.

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