6 New Wichita Water Playgrounds Opening Summer 2021 (+ Pool Renovations)


Wichita Water PlaygroundsWichita, KS – The news we’ve all been waiting for: 6 new Wichita water playgrounds and pool renovations are finally here! After a hiatus, Wichita public pools and splash pads are reopening this summer. Though a few will remain closed to further improvements, most will be back and open to the public on Memorial Day, 2021

And parents everywhere (in Wichita) rejoiced!

For photos of the renovations of the Wichita water playgrounds, you can see the City of Wichita’s Aquatics Plan here.

The following Wichita locations either had pools that have been completely renovated and turned into splash parks or have added Wichita water playgrounds:

  • Edgemoor (East) | 5815 E. 9th, 67208
  • Evergreen (North) | 2700 N Woodland
  • Boston (Southeast) | 6655 E Zimmerly
  • Linwood (South) | 1901 S Kansas
  • Harrison *closed for further renovations
  • Planeview *closed for further renovations

The following locations have new and improved public pool renovations:

  • Aley (South) | 1803 S Seneca
  • College Hill *closed for further renovations
  • Harvest (West) | 9500 Provincial Lane
  • McAfee (North) | 1329 E 13th St N
  • Minisa (Northwest) | 704 W 13th St N
  • Orchard (West) | 4808 W 9th St N

Most of the pools and water playground areas are in public parks and many have multiple amenities including playgrounds, tennis courts, park benches, and more! Follow this page for updates on entry fees and family summer passes. 

Stay tuned as we update the following resources for summer, which include a comprehensive list of public swimming pools and splash parks in Wichita and also surrounding areas!

Public Swimming Pools in the Wichita and Surrounding Areas

Free Wichita Splash Parks and Fountains for Kids in Wichita & Surrounding Areas


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