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rhea lana's wichita

Money Matters :: Save with Rhea Lana’s and Learning Quest

Thank you to Kansas Learning Quest 529 and Rhea Lana's in Wichita for sponsoring this guest post and helping Kansas families save for the future.     What does the largest children’s consignment sale in...
GoTime Training Wichita

Eating Healthy As A Family – One Day At A Time!

Thank you to Go Time Training for sponsoring this guest post and for bringing quality fitness and nutrition programs to our community of moms.   Let’s be honest, as moms, most of us would rather eat chocolate...
postnatal fitness

Bounce Back, Baby! A Complete Guide to Postnatal Fitness

Thank you to Go Time Training for sponsoring this guest post and for bringing quality fitness education and programs to our community of moms. Congrats on the new baby! It’s a beautiful time in your family’s life...
re-thinking anger

Re-Thinking Anger {Guest Post}

True story: A four year old little girl has a disagreement in preschool with another girl and shoves her to the ground.  As the other girl gets up, she slaps the aggressor on the...
Sexuality and Mothers of Young Children

Sexuality for Mothers of Young Children

Thank you to Heartland Women’s Group Gynecology and Obstetrics Services for sponsoring this post and to Dr. Hague for sharing her expertise with our community of moms. I have two children. I am in the phase of life...

Thumb Sucking :: Help Your Child Break the Habit

Thank you to our friends at Smith Orthodontics for sponsoring this post and for offering top-notch dental and orthodontic care for Wichita families! Thumb sucking is a normal behavior that many infants and toddlers use for comfort and security....

The Wichita Birthday Party Guide | 2016-2017

We love a good celebration, which means we really love birthdays! Whether you like to host a party at home, make every detail Pinterest-perfect, or want someone else to handle it all (especially the entertainment and...
daycare in wichita

Finding A Daycare in Wichita {Guest Post}

The nerve-racking question that most new parents mull over - asking friends and family, and even strangers on Facebook: "Where can I find a good daycare in Wichita?" Most moms I know would offer cash rewards...

2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide for Wichita Dads

It’s that time of year again, and Wichita Moms Blog is here to help you find the perfect Father’s Day gifts. Let’s be honest, finding something unique and creative each year is a challenge,...
Family Guide to Riverfest

The Ultimate Family Guide to Riverfest 2016

Thank you to Wichita Festivals for sponsoring this guide and for bringing quality events to Wichita families.  You know summer has arrived when Riverfest is here; jam-packed with fun, food and music for the entire...
10 Reasons Students Enroll in Andover eCademy | Wichita Moms Blog

10 Reasons Students Enroll in Andover eCademy

Thanks to Andover eCademy for sponsoring this post, and for offering "all the best parts of school" to Kansas families through their blended virtual school. There are many reasons why families all over Kansas...

Stepping Up to the Plate During A Crisis {Guest Post}

In February of 2013 our 15-month-old daughter Adele fell down, and when she stood up our lives were changed forever. She was crying from the bump, and I noticed her face looked a little...

Understanding Colic & Acid Reflux :: Guest Post by Dr. Scharenberg

Thank you to Dr. Scharenberg of Scharenberg Chiropractic for sponsoring this post and for providing care for babies in the Wichita community.  This guest post was written to serve as guidance on how to treat colic. As with...
children and sleep

The Truth About Children and Sleep

Disclosure : Thank you to Children’s Mercy Wichita Specialty Clinic for sponsoring this post and for providing quality medical services to our community of moms and their children. Children and Sleep When asked, most kids say they don’t get...