Rent to Learn at Senseney Music: Find the Perfect Instrument for Your Child


This article is sponsored by Senseney Music.

Rent Beginner Instruments 

Musical journeys start at Senseney with beginner instruments available for rent. Inspiring young people to play music is what Senseney Music is all about. Our top priority is providing students with the skills and products needed to learn and create beautiful music. Band and orchestra instruments available for rent are an affordable way to get started. Senseney’s Rent to Learn program gives beginner musicians the advantage of quality student instruments right from the start.

Sign up for Senseney’s music lessons and you’re all set! Students as young as six years old benefit from music instruction. Encouraging creativity through music sets children on a course of self discovery. Learning to play music provides confidence, connection and opportunities for expression. Senseney Music has everything an aspiring musician needs to enjoy learning a new instrument.

Start at Senseney

Learning a new instrument is intimidating for almost anyone. At Senseney Music, new musicians are encouraged to try out all the options, ask questions and get familiar with the instruments. Professional, staff musicians are always available to provide pointers and make recommendations. Senseney carries a wide selection of beginning band and orchestra instruments. The band instruments include; flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, drum and bell kits. String instruments for rent include; full and fractional-size violin, viola and cello.

Once you make your selection, rent a beginner instrument and purchase a Starter Pack. Senseney’s Starter Pack includes everything you need to start playing music. Essential accessories, case name tag, band or orchestra class book, flashcards and a music stand are all included. For more information on renting a beginner instrument from Senseney, visit the Rent to Learn page on our website. 

The Value of Music

At Senseney, our mission is to make a difference through music. We believe music gives us a place to belong and a creative outlet. Music is the perfect gift to share. It shapes young people in positive ways within music education programs across the country. In everything we do, Senseney strives to connect to the community in meaningful ways with music. 

Call, shop online or come by the store with your questions about beginner instrument rentals. Senseney Music encourages you to get started making music and let your creativity shine!

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