5 Gentle & Effective Facial Cleansers for Tweens & Middle Schoolers

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Finding the right facial cleanser for middle schoolers and tweens can be a challenge. It’s not uncommon for girls as young as 10 to start developing hormonal skin issues – or even start their period! Getting them into the habit of a low-key skincare routine can help minimize breakouts (and the social anxiety they bring with them!) and lay the foundation for proper hygiene and self-care in adulthood.

These are the Top 5 facial cleansers for tweens and teens recommended by our team of moms:

Florence by Mills

Price: $

Consider us officially influenced by Millie Bobby Brown. This delightful line (named after her grandmother!) of skincare for tweens and teens keeps it simple and light with natural ingredients and products for all skin types.


Price: $$$

The CounterControl line is a perfect fit for tweens and teens struggling with oily skin or breakouts. They keep their ingredient list clean to make sure sensitive skin is not overburdened & irritated by harsh chemicals.

Honest Beauty Tween

Price: $$

The Honest Company isn’t just baby products anymore! Their skincare line for teens cleans, refreshes, and brightens while keeping skin clear and hydrated.


Price: $

This budget-friendly option is always highly recommended by our esthetician moms! Easy to use and easy on the wallet: win-win!


Price: $

Another facial cleanser for tweens that won’t break the bank and is easy to find in local retailers! Cetaphil offers products for multiple skin types, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your tween.

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