5 Must-Have Drug Store Beauty Items for Busy Moms


Make-up is an art that I just can’t figure out. Hair styling is tough when you have fine hair. Wardrobe is expensive, and my sweats are comfy. Not to mention, my kids require my attention every moment of the day, so mornings are nothing short of a war zone when trying to get out the door before the front office marks my kid as absent for the day. Let’s face it, I basically feel like a walking hot mess 365 days a year. 

However, I will say that there are a few items I’ve found that I use on the daily to help alleviate just a little of the hot mess and allow me to feel somewhat human when I walk out the door. 

Here are my Top 5 Must Have Drug Store Items for busy moms-on-the-go:

1. Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes 

Every store seems to have a generic brand of these, but my go-to is the Target brand. Even though I have a cleansing regimen I use in the evening, there is always left over make up residue in the morning, and these are so refreshing for a quick morning cleanse! Did I mention how awesome they smell?! 

2. e.l.f. Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

Like I said before, I am NOT a make up person AT ALL. Most days, I don’t bother putting a single thing on my face…other than eyeliner. This one changed my life, because I do a quick swipe of the eye liner, turn it over, and then add a little shadow. Literally takes me about 15 seconds, and my make up is done for the day. Call me nuts, but most times, I don’t even bother with mascara. 

3. Spiral Hair Ties

If you haven’t caught on to this fad, you are missing out. These coiled hair ties (that resemble old time phone cords) are brilliant! They don’t pull your hair. They don’t leave kinks. And they don’t give me headaches. RUN. Buy them now. Thank me later.

4. Spin Pins

Again, you can thank me later. As a dancer, I probably gave half of my allowance to the creators of bobby pins. Remember how those straight bobby pins dug into your scalp, or how they got twisted sideways and pulled out a chunk of hair? I lost count of how many times I had to pull one out and push it back in because it just wouldn’t stay! Somehow this past summer, I discovered 

these new profound “spin pins,” and they changed my life for the better! They are just a bobby pin that you “spin” into place, and they never fall out! If I’m not wearing my hair down (which is MOST days), I simply put my hair into a pony tail (with a spiral hair tie), turn the pony into a bun, and twist 3 of these spin pins into place. They are so sturdy, I can even sleep over night with them in, and they are still in tact when I wake up the next morning! And they don’t poke my scalp!

5. L’OREAL Lip Balm

I’m “that” girl who only leaves the house with a tube of Chapstick in my pocket. Notice the pattern of “comfort” I require going on here?! I’ve tried a hundred lip sticks over the years, and it doesn’t matter how great the reviews are, I just can’t commit to the stuff. And then I found this lip balm. It’s as if lip stick and chap stick were bonded in marriage…you get the soft buttery comfort of chapstick, but somehow they combined it with some amazing colors! This balm add just enough glow (and a little shine) when you’re in a hurry to run out the door! 

So there you have it. Five of my favorite inexpensive drug store items that I use on the daily to keep me feeling just a little more human, and I’m able to do all of this within 5 minutes of rolling out of bed!

What are some of YOUR favorite “mom-on-the-go” items?!

Photos courtesy of Lovebug Photography

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