35 Truths All Baby Mamas Understand


Your baby is a sweet little bundle of joy who turned your world upside down! Here’s an incomplete list of truths that all moms of babies can understand…well most of them, at least!

  1. You feel like a 10-minute shower is a luxury.
  2. You swear you can hear your baby crying while you’re in the shower, and sometimes you turn off the water to check.
  3. You feel like there’s more hair on your brush than on your head. And you know your baby will pull out whatever is left!
  4. You want some recognition when you do this thing called wearing makeup.
  5. Your baby is an instant ice-breaker at parties.
  6. You realize that having a baby can get you out of lots of things. (Gee, I’d love to, but you know…the baby.)
  7. You don’t mind bowing out of things early to get in bed at 8 p.m. and snuggle with your baby.
  8. Your baby’s big eyes looking up at you are the sweetest thing in the world.
  9. You’ve forgotten what a self-initiated nap feels like.
  10. You feel like anything longer than four consecutive hours of sleep is a gift.
  11. You kinda want to punch your husband in the morning when he asks if your baby woke up at all the night before.
  12. You believe your baby’s soft cheeks are meant for constant kisses.
  13. You realize people tell you to get stuff done when your baby is napping, but they don’t realize that your body is your baby’s bed.
  14. You feel like baby TV shows are a lifesaver, but you’re already worried about your baby getting too much screen time. Eek!
  15. You’ve got to see or hear your baby breathing while she’s sleeping or you’ll gently stir her to see a sign of life.
  16. You think rolling over in your bed so your baby can’t see you might make her fall back asleep. (Nice try!)
  17. You’ve gone on walks where you’re holding the baby AND pushing the stroller.
  18. You immediately get out the diaper wipes to sanitize your baby’s hands after a friendly stranger has touched them. (Why do people always go for their hands?!)
  19. You bring your baby to a brewery and instantly feel like a cool, hipster mom.
  20. Your baby’s tiny fingernails feel more like claws when they dig into your skin.
  21. You bite your tongue when people innocently make inaccurate observations about your baby. (No, pretty sure her first tooth is NOT coming in yet).
  22. Your baby thinks being in a car seat is cruel and unusual punishment.
  23. You find yourself swaying back and forth even when you’re not holding your baby.
  24. You love rubbing your cheek against your baby’s soft fuzzy head.
  25. You’re baffled that after only a few months of owning baby socks, you hardly have a single matching par.
  26. You think Dreft baby detergent is the best smelling thing in the world.
  27. You do the sniff test when someone says your baby pooed. (Nah, we good here. Amateurs!)
  28. You think your breastfed baby’s poop smells kinda good. (Okay, maybe that’s just me).
  29. Your expressed breast milk is more like liquid gold.
  30. You empathize with cows when you pump both breasts at the same time.
  31. You use baby wipes to clean just about anything. But you’ve learned they’re not so great on mirrors.
  32. You feel like the meanest person in the world when you have to pick your baby’s booger.
  33. When your baby’s sleeping, you ogle at all the pictures you’ve taken of her.
  34. When your baby smiles, it instantly puts a smile on your face, too.
  35. You’re constantly in awe of this precious little person you helped create and you can’t imagine your life without her.

What else would you add to this list? 

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