Gift Ideas for A 3rd Baby (and Beyond!)


It’s not her first rodeo: your friend/sister/co-worker is already an experienced mom who is getting ready to welcome her third (or fourth or fifth…) baby. Maybe a shower/sprinkle is being thrown in her honor? Or maybe you just want to acknowledge this sweet little life and that the fact that her family is once again growing and changing!

So what do you get for the mama who already has all the baby gear needs? Here are some ideas new (again) moms are sure to love!

Your favorite postpartum or baby products. If you’ve given birth yourself, create a gift basket of products that made your life easier after delivery. My two favorites are Earth Mama Angel Baby’s New Mama Bottom Spray and Natural Nipple Butter. They also make a great salve for c-section mamas that helps heal the incision and fade scars! Do you swear by homeopathic teething tablets, Gripe Water or NoseFrida aspirators? Assemble a little baby care basket full of items that are nice to have on hand when you suddenly need them in the middle of the night.

Something monogrammed/personalized for the baby. There’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs, but every baby deserves something all their own! Tons of Etsy shops offer monogramming and personalization on everything from baby hats and bibs to burp rags and onesies. These super soft and top-rated baby receiving blankets and Gerber Baby Onesies are great to have on hand for monogramming – perfect for the car, stroller, or tummy time! My go-to item is the Chamois Stroller Blanket from Pottery Barn Kids with the baby’s name embroidered on the corner. My 8-year-old son has one and hasn’t parted with it since birth! 

Gift cards. Let them do the shopping! Amazon, Target, Lululemon – any mama would be happy to have an excuse to splurge on something for her little one (or herself).

Coffee. Grab a giant bag of her favorite roast or a gift card to her favorite coffee shop. While some mamas have little ones who are sensitive to caffeine, most mothers I know find it necessary to keep up with multiple kids. Consider decaf or a darker roast (less caffeine) if she feels she needs to limit her intake. And this temperature controlled heated coffee mug is the perfect gift for any busy/tired/new mom who has ever had to reheat (and reheat again) her coffee because, mom life.

Yoga pants & nursing tanks. The universally accepted uniform of new moms the world over! My favorite nursing tanks come from Bravado – they offer great support and still fit underneath most “normal” shirts. Another option are these best sellers from Motherhood Maternity and less than $10! I’m not a fan of nursing bras, so I live in nursing tank tops for the first 6 months or so. Throw in a new pair of soft, stretchy yoga pants and your friend will be a friend for LIFE. 

Dry Shampoo and Facial Wipes. This is NOT a gift for a first-timer! This is for the mama of multiple kids who lacks time to shower but still possesses a sense of humor. Round it out with a big bag of coffee or a bottle of wine, and she will truly appreciate the gift…and the laugh.

Housekeeping, laundry service, or dinner for her family. Those first few weeks are HARD, and nobody wants to be scrubbing toilets! Pre-pay for maid service and let your friend schedule a house cleaning at her convenience. You can also give her the gift of not stressing about what to cook for her family by bringing a full meal after the baby has arrived. Include a main dish, side & dessert, and consider throwing in some disposable plates, cups, & silverware to cut down on dishes! (Be sure to ask about food allergies and read labels carefully). If you don’t have time to cook, use a service like Uber Eats or Blue Apron!

Something practical. This handheld portable carpet/upholstry cleaner was suggested by a reader recently as “a gift every new mom needs on her registry”. And it is brilliant! This little convenient carpet cleaner is so perfect for those toddler accidents and spills while mom was busy feeding the new baby. This is a practical gift she will use for years! 

Photography. Purchase a newborn or family portrait session from a local photographer. This is an especially thoughtful gift if it isn’t something your friend would typically spend money on herself.

Audiobooks or Streaming Video Service. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video got me through many long months of nursing round-the-clock. Gift her with an Amazon Kindle or a few months of Audible (hands-free reading for mamas who can’t keep their eyes open!) or streaming video service if she doesn’t already have it. Looking for something more budget-friendly? Compile a list of your favorite entertaining and uplifting podcasts for her!

Diapers and Wipes. Always needed, always appreciated. Buy a big box of diapers in a larger size (1 or 2) for the baby to grow into. If she’s a cloth diaper mama, consider wool dryer balls, special detergent or a Spray Pal!

All gift suggestions in this resource are products that we use ourselves and love giving as gifts. Some of the links in our resource guides are affiliate links which means we may earn an affiliate commission. This article was originally published in 2016.

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