Practical Baby Gift Ideas That Stand the Test of Time


Practical Baby Gift Ideas

When searching for a baby gift, we definitely recommend purchasing off the registry first and foremost. But sometimes, it’s fun to get some extras for baby! Below is a list of classic go-to gift ideas in various price ranges, some sentimental and some practical. All 100% recommended by moms themselves, many have been around for years! 

Swaddle Blankets: We personally love the Aden & Anais brand as they have been around for forever and are still a favorite among moms. They are so soft and come in so many fun prints and colors, including neutrals if mom doesn’t know the gender of baby. 

Cute Teether: How fun is this Itzy Bitzy Silicone Baby Teether? It’s the perfect size and material for baby to grab onto, and they come in a variety of colors and fun shapes like ice cream cone, flamingo, cactus, etc.

Wubba Nub Pacifier: New and seasoned moms alike often know about the Wubba Nub. This is a go-to for baby because not only is it cute, but the little animal attached often becomes a love. Bonus: it’s easy for baby to grab ahold of pop that sucker back in his or her mouth if it slips out!

Hair Accessories: Avery & Grey is our go-to local hair accessory shop, perfect for gift-giving! Local mom of three girls herself, the business owner creates stylish hair accessories, including little bloom headbands for newbies. 

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit: Ok, mamas rave about these things. They seem a bit scary at first, but the Magic Sleep Suit is sworn by moms as it provides a weighted material that keeps baby nice and cozy while transitioning to a bigger crib and out of the swaddle. 

Honest Bath Products: We love everything about these bath products! They are made without sulfates or parabens, gently cleansing baby’s skin and hair while smelling delicious *we recommend the orange vanilla flavor. It smells delicious! Once baby starts to get a bit older, we also recommend the leave-in spray conditioner. 

Nose Frida: This may seem a bit unconventional, but we promise it is the best “tool” (and one of the most utilized) mama could have. Mom will thank you for introducing her to the best baby invention made (in our humble opinions)! The Nose Frida sucks the gunk out of baby’s nose. The number one question for those scratching their heads on this one is “will the snot enter my mouth” and the answer is no, it will not.

Sophie: Sophie the Giraffe has been around for years and is the perfect, classic gift for a new baby. Sophie is 100% all-natural rubber and has been around since 1961. And we don’t think she’s going anywhere – babies everywhere love the Sophie Giraffe!

Personalized Gifts: Probably our very favorite gift is a personalized gift! We love all personalized baby gifts from Pottery Barn, and our favorites are the sweet little bath towel wraps and blankets. Locally, Little Brown Cabin makes the most darling personalized baby gifts, and Love of Character also handles monograms. 

Footed One Piece Sleeper with Zipper: Let us give you a piece of advice on little sleepers: make sure they have a zipper (as opposed to snaps). It makes it so much easier for mama with those middle of the night diaper changes! We can’t get enough of the Old Navy one piece sleepers – they have so many solid colors, and you can get them for less than $10 when there is a sale (which is daily). 

Baby Noise Machine: Most babies love a good noise machine, and this Baby Shusher is all the rage these days! It’s portable, cordless, and has a real human voice saying “shhh” which is what baby loves most. 

Board Books: We can’t get ENOUGH of the Baby Lit Board Books. They are our absolute go-tos for baby gifts because they are so pretty and who doesn’t want to promote literacy? 

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