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With a new baby in the house, sleep quickly becomes the most-desired commodity for parents. And one of the best ways to get sleep (for baby and everyone else in the house) is to establish a routine. Babies that follow routines are proven to fall asleep faster and sleep longer, ultimately making them happier and calmer.

Helping families get into a sleep routine during that first year is Lumi by Pampers, a new award winning sleep routine system co-developed by pediatricians. Routine means sleep, both for baby and mom and dad!

And all new parents everywhere rejoiced.

Ranked the “Best Baby Care Innovation in 2020” at CES, this sleep routine system is paired with a smart baby monitor that includes night vision, two-way audio, room temperature and humidity tracking, and tracking of baby’s sleep patterns – with a goal to help parents have better nights.

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How The Lumi Sleep System Works

The Lumi sleep kit system includes the smart baby monitor, sensor, diapers, and mobile app and tracks baby’s sleep 24/7 by placing a tracker on baby’s diaper. The tracking is charted over time providing personalized insights and tips to help parents build a routine that promotes better sleep for the family. These insights are sent straight to the Lumi app on your smart phone for an at-a-glance overview of chart feeding times, milestones (to be added in manually), and overall routines.

The Smart Monitor

With 1080p HD, amazing night vision, and continuous background audio, the baby monitor allows you to check in at a glance and provides great overnight monitoring. And along with the room temperature and humidity monitoring, the two-way audio lets you soothe and keep baby comfortable. 

The Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle

The Bundle is the world’s first Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle that’s revolutionizing baby monitoring by helping parents monitor and track their baby’s developments 24/7. With automatic sleep tracking, it makes it easy to check in while your baby is with loved ones:

Joshua’s grandparents help us out a couple of days a week and being able to check in on how his day is going is not only comforting for me, but helps me prepare for the evening ahead (like if his naps haven’t gone well I know bed time might be a bit of a grumpy one).” – Amy, Mom of Joshua

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